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  • 10/03/2023

10 Things to Know About the Apple AirPods

The AirPods are Apple's top dog in the wireless earbuds market. They are filled with unique features that users truly subscribe to.

With the Apple product's modern design, audio quality, and advanced features, here are the top 10 things about Apple AirPods you might want to know!

Wireless Charging

Apple Airpods are capable of wireless charging. Apple products can be charged without the need for a direct connection to a power source. When the iPhone 11 and AirPods 2 are placed on a charging pad, they will begin to charge. This new feature of the Airpods 2 is particularly useful because it eliminates the hassle of having to find an electrical outlet.

Apple Spatial Audio

Listening to music, TV shows, films, or even Group FaceTime calls in three-dimensional sound with Spatial Audio and dynamic head tracking is possible with Spatial Audio and dynamic head tracking. Spatial audio makes the quality of the Airpods great with its 3D audio.

Siri Reads Messages

A lot of Airpods users can use Siri to their advantage. Commanding Siri can be useful to almost any user, most especially users with special needs. By way of example, Apple has made it possible for Siri to read messages, safari pages, notes, and books for deaf users.

Although it is possible to read messages through the iPhone's speaker, the noise cancellation feature makes it even more beneficial to listen to them through the AirPods.

Apple Airpods are Waterproof

Running on a rainy Sunday will now be possible by the waterproof feature of the Airpods. The Airpods are capable of winds and torrential thunderstorms.

10 Things to Know About the Apple AirPods

Apple's Airpods will also be a breeze to athletes that loves their music during practice or working out. However, even if the Airpods are waterproof, it is not advisable for users to swim with the device. Users are also advised to dry the Airpods after they gets wet to prevent clogging.

Wearing One AirPod to Save Battery Life

Apple's Airpods present a unique set of wireless earbuds, users can prolong their battery life by using one Airpod only. Airpods recharge quickly, however, the AirPods provide only five hours of listening time from a single charge.

According to Forbes, users can use one AirPod for listening to music or making a phone call while the other one charges, then switch between the two as needed to conserve battery life.

Microphone Setting on the Left or Right AirPod

When the left and right AirPods are worn together, the microphones can be used for phone calls and to interact with Siri.

The microphone is set to "Automatically Switch AirPods" by default, but either of the AirPods can be used as a microphone. If users decide to use only one AirPod, the microphone will be located on that particular device.

However, users can also configure the Microphone to always be on the left AirPod or always on the right AirPod, whichever they prefer.

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Naming Your AirPods

Users can change the name of their Airpods to the desired name they want. Some can use this for fun and others can also use this for privacy. The default name of Airpods is the user's name plus "Airpods".

Users only need to open Settings, navigate to Bluetooth, and click on the blue i icon next to AirPods under "My Devices." Then tap on the "Name" field to make a change.

Apple TV Connection

When looking for entertainment, Airpods can be connected to the Apple TV. According to ScreenRant, users can try to connect their Airpods to Apple TV for better sound quality and pitch.

Connecting a user's Airpods is an underlooked feature since most users just connect through the laptop.

Furthermore, the noise cancellation feature will turn any movie into a different experience, as loud sounds and bass will be amplified as a result.

One Tap or Press Feature of AirPods

Apple's Airpods can be controlled using only a tap or a press. Users will not need to pull out their iPhone, MacBook, or pick up the Siri Remote.

The Airpods's feature allows users to pause their music or movie, resume playback, skip tracks, answer calls, and use Siri. With just one tap, users will be able to gain control.

Apple AirPods Fast Charging

One of the greatest features of the AirPod is its fast charging. The recharge time of these wireless earbuds is unmatched in the industry. Both pods will be fully charged in 15 minutes, and they will continue to perform at the same level as they did previously.

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