• notebookcomputer
  • 31/03/2023

Azure Virtual Desktop setup tutorial

Now that we know the difference, it's time to set up a new Azure Virtual Desktop environment.

First, consider the following AVD requirements:

Azure Virtual Desktop setup tutorial

Organizations that don't want to connect the Azure Virtual Desktop host directly to Azure AD need to meet the following additional requirements:

With the prerequisites in order, IT admins will be ready to begin deploying Azure Virtual Desktop. There is no PowerShell requirement anymore, and IT admins can complete this process via the Azure Portal simply by clicking through the proper commands. The portal makes the implementation a whole lot simpler.

Of course, there is still a way to script the implementation via PowerShell if IT administrators prefer that approach. Microsoft has released a new PowerShell module which is now part of the Az PowerShell modules -- Az.DesktopVirtualization.

Note: The demo will add the Azure Virtual Desktop hosts to an existing domain.