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  • 17/03/2023

Best PC stands for carpet

Carpet can't hurt PCs on these stands.

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Keeping a PC on the ground frees up space for monitors and other battlestation gear, but keeping the computer on the ground can also run the risk of overheating. The risk of overheating is especially high if the floor is covered with carpet.

Carpet restricts airflow in and out of the computer case, but a stand will allow enough space for proper airflow. While most PC stands are very similar, there are some nuances to consider. For example, some prefer a stand with wheels for easy access to their computer, while others need something more stationary and stable.

Here are the best PC stands for carpet.

Best overall PC stand for carpet

Unconventional in appearance, this stand is special because of its adjustability. Accompanied by five locking caster wheels, instead of the usual four, users can set the width up to 9.5 inches wide. No matter the size or shape of the tower, just about any mid-tower PC can fit securely on this stand. Because there is no static surface, JiroDirect’s cart allows as much ventilation as necessary while still providing a stable resting place. Included with this stand is a 40-inch cable management sleeve to keep the space safe from loose cables and improve the desk area’s appearance.

This unorthodox but stable stand is priced lower than most reliable PC stands while still offering users what they need. However, one pitfall of this stand is that placing towers with feet or without flat bottom can be difficult to navigate.

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Best PC stands for carpet

Best wheelless PC stand for carpet

Most computer stands that are ideal for carpet include wheels for easy mobility, but Hippo & Frog’s stand, despite not having wheels, is still a practical choice. Perforated with mesh holes on its surface, this stand reduces the chances of a computer tower overheating. Preventing overheating is the number one reason why anyone puts their tower on a stand instead of on a carpeted floor, and this stand’s perforated surface reliably accomplishes that goal.

The stand’s constitution can give heavier PC towers a stable home. Made from metal and steel, this stand weighs just under 5.83 pounds but can withstand the weight of a tower up to 44 pounds. The Hippo & Frog stand is also adjustable between three different heights in case there is limited vertical space under a desk. To better secure a tower on top of the stand, the surface is rubberized.

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Priced as a reasonable mid-range option, Hippo & Frog’s stand is sold on Amazon with an included five-year warranty. The only design features missing are supports on the stand’s sides to hold a computer in place, such as raised corners. However, the nonslip rubberized surface is there to keep the PC from sliding.

Best ventilated PC stand for carpet

Liirton’s mobile CPU stand offers the utmost ventilation for one obvious reason: the tower can rest on four corners with no surface beneath. Breathable surfaces are ideal, but no surface allows the most ventilation. With a frame made from stainless steel that includes nonslip platforms in the corners, a computer can rest safely suspended above the floor.

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Adjustability features round out the value of this stand. Locking caster wheels below each platform can rotate 360 degrees, allowing easy mobility. Users can also adjust the width and length. At its smallest size, the stand’s dimensions can adjust to 17 inches in length and just over 9 inches in width. At its largest size, dimensions measure about 22 inches in length and just over 14 inches in width. Almost 3 inches in height, the stand can suspend a computer just far enough off the floor to allow more breathing room.

Liirton’s adjustable stand goes for a mid-range computer stand price on Amazon, which helps mitigate the lack of stability. While the platforms in the corners are meant to hold a tower securely, not everyone might feel comfortable keeping their PC on such a modest cart.

Best holder PC stand for carpet

Some computer stands include sidewalls to ensure the tower does not move atop the stand. Because towers come in a variety of dimensions, holder stands should be adjustable. HumanCentric’s PC stand can adjust between widths of 4.7 inches to 8.2 inches. Protective pads line its surface to prevent scratching on the bottom of a PC’s case. With four caster wheels, users can easily pull their computer tower out when needed. Two of the four wheels are lockable to ensure the stand does not move on its own.

While users can adjust its width for bulkier PC towers, the stand can only handle up to 22 pounds of weight. This weight limit isn’t necessarily ideal. Although many prebuilt PC towers land somewhere around 20 pounds in weight, a custom build can weigh up to 50 pounds depending on all of its components. With that being said, this stand is priced at the lower end of the average price range for a computer stand.

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Best small PC stand for carpet

Ideal for compact PC towers, the VIVO rolling stand can fit a narrower case, or a case no wider than 8.2 inches. Durable and sturdy, the cart is made of alloy steel and includes sidewalls. Many computer stands can feel shaky or creaky, but VIVO’s stand features heavy-duty construction. Lockable caster wheels in each corner allow for mobility and secure placement.

While sufficiently durable, some reviewers have complained that this stand is not as breathable as they’d hoped. Other complaints include that the wheels do not turn 360 degrees, which prohibits smooth movement. However, at a price just below the mid-range mark, a cart made of study steel alloy may offer some peace of mind for those with smaller PC cases who fear their PC may wiggle or rattle around.

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