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  • 10/11/2022

Elden Ring: Onyx Lord boss guide

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By now, many Elden Ring players will know the joys of the Meteorite Staff. This invaluable tool has helped many budding sorcerers to stampede through the early game, breezing past difficult roadblocks like Margit the Fell Omen. But without gravity sorceries, this staff isn’t being used to its full potential. Thankfully, Liurnia’s Onyx Lord is a guaranteed source of a gravity sorcery. We’ll show you how to find and defeat this boss with our Elden Ring guide.

Elden Ring: How to find the Onyx Lord

The Onyx Lord can be found in the Royal Grave Evergaol to the Northeast of Caria Manor. This part of Liurnia can only be accessed after beating the Manor itself. Caria Manor is a section of Liurnia that is well worth exploring. Among other things, this area is home to the exceptionally powerful Sword of Night and Flame.

Elden Ring: Onyx Lord boss guide

How to beat the Onyx Lord

Ranged attacks are recommended here. Several of the boss’s attacks have a long charge-up time, which is usually a good thing. But if you are in proximity once they have finished charging, you’re in for a world of hurt. You can take your time and barrage this boss with sorceries or other projectiles while it charges up and have plenty of warning to dodge its attacks afterwards.

The Onyx Lord’s main attack is also its flashiest. The Lord will plant its blade in the ground, causing a shockwave. This will then crack open a portal in the air in front of the boss. Meteors will launch across the battlefield at the player. Thankfully, the projectiles are relatively slow-moving, making them easy to dodge despite their large number. This is a rarity in Elden Ring, so make the most of it.

Onyx Lord boss mechanics

When defeated, the Onyx Lord will drop the gravity sorcery Meteorite.

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