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  • 10/12/2022

Enlisted Lunar New Year Update 1.24 Patch Note

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Enlisted Lunar New Year Update 1.24 Patch Note

Enlisted just received a new content update that brings in the celebrations for the Lunar New Year. From January 31 13:00 GMT until February 4 13:00 GMT, players can complete the battle tasks in any campaign and collect exclusive rewards to commemorate the Year of the Tiger. There is a poster and two silver orders up for grabs as part of the new update which all players can collect for free.

What to Expect From Enlisted’s Lunar New Year Update 1.24?

Enlisted’s Lunar New Year update is offering a 50% discount on two of the game’s starter packs. Players can grab the packs at a discount until February 4. Aside from the content update, it is now possible for the controlled soldier only to exit from a vehicle by a separate button. You can change the button in the settings. The devs have also fixed a bug that could cause the wrong information about maximum speed in vehicle cards.

Enlisted Lunar New Year Update Patch Notes

Here are the highlights of today’s patch:

The new update not only brings content for the Lunar New Year but also addressed some technical issues with the game. To check out the full patch notes, click here.