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  • 14/08/2022

Equipping Teachers for a Flexible Future

Editor’s Note: EdTech is exploring the classroom as a workplace and the impact of legacy technology on teaching. Click here for more on legacy systems; explore more on teacher retention; and read one educator’s perspective here, featuring an infographic for taking the conversation to your district’s IT team.

Equipping Teachers for a Flexible Future

School administrators and teachers face many questions as they plan for the fast-approaching 2022-2023 school year. After more than two years of teaching under pandemic conditions, what can we expect for next school year? Will we need to plan for teaching students remotely? Will supply chain issues continue to snarl procurement of resources — especially classroom technology needs?

Many districts, flush with federal funding, are allocating at least some of this one-time budget for classroom technology upgrades. Focusing those efforts in three key areas — laptops, workstation tech and audiovisual tools — will deliver the most value and flexibility to teachers navigating an uncertain future in the classroom.

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