Gorgeous New Elden Ring Screenshots Show Off the Game World
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  • 03/04/2022
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Elden Ring's February 25 release date is quickly approaching and to say anticipation is reaching a peak would be an incredible understatement. As with previous From Software RPGs, details about Elden Ring are being held closely to the chest. Discovery is a key aspect of the From Software experience, after all, and many fans like not having much of the game spoiled. With that in mind, From Software has released a trickle of new Elden Ring media out in the form of four new screenshots. It's just a taste of what's to come.


The four new screenshots that Form Software has shared are, as expected, very pretty. They've been framed in a way to make Elden Ring's open world stand out. They're also each unique, capturing different environments, different enemies, different characters, and different actions. In just four screenshots, From Software is able to capture a broad look at what Elden Ring is going to deliver.

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The first screenshot offers a mid-combat action shot. The player, who is on horseback, is conjuring a flame orb. They're clearly a spellcaster of some kind, and are wearing a hooded cloak with leather armor and gloves. Standing before them is a ghastly, multi-armed enemy, with another crouching in the background and a third prone just in the foreground. The first enemy appears to be on fire. Beyond the fight, it is notably nighttime. The stars are out, and the crystals nearby are glowing hauntingly. It's a striking image. Gorgeous New Elden Ring Screenshots Show Off the Game World

As for the remaining three screenshots, they present environments that are likely familiar to From Software fans who have been following Elden Ring through the years. They present early areas with plenty of ruins, large rocky cliffs, and fields of green grass. The second image features an armored knight character battling another mounted enemy with an ornate butterfly on his chest. Image three features another robed class with a staff staring out at a cliffside castle. The last image has a shirtless axe-wielding character with a golden Erdtree in the distance.

While the fourth screenshots aren't particularly revelatory in terms of Elden Ring surprises, they're each uniquely beautiful and show off the open-world RPG's diverse beauty. The night cycle shown is especially visually interesting, as are the different classes/armor sets shown.

From Software fans won't have to wait too much longer before they'll be able to delve into Elden Ring for themselves. No more picking apart screenshots and short trailers looking for clues at the world, story, and lore. The wait will have, hopefully, been entirely worth it.

Elden Ring releases February 28 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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