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  • 07/10/2022

GMB viewers joke Laura Tobin still 'drunk' as she spills coffee in chaotic scenes

Fans of ITV's Good Morning Britain were convinced that weather presenter Laura Tobin was still slightly tipsy as she spilled a drink and missed her cues on the show on Friday morning.

As reported by YorkshireLive, Laura was in attendance at the GMB ultimate news quiz, and may have had a little much than she bargained for, alongside This Morning's Alison Hammond and Loose Women's Charlene White.

And presenter Ben Shephard has started the rumours that Laura may have overslept, and missed her alarm.

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Ben said: "She’s the last to wake-up this morning, she’s overslept.”

Kate then said: "Nobody could raise her!” as it was cut to her empty seat by the weather map."

Stand-in weather host Charlotte chimed in with: "I was going to cover her back and I thought no one would notice, I’ll just seamlessly carry on and fill in until she gets here.”

Ben added: "She brought the trophy home, she’s supposed to bring the trophy in.”

And Charlotte went on to reveal that the party was all for good cause, as it raised £200,000 for Action Child and the Disasters Emergency Committee.

GMB viewers joke Laura Tobin still 'drunk' as she spills coffee in chaotic scenes

When Laura finally appeared, she claimed she had snacked on chicken nuggets for breakfast and was drinking cola - which she then spilled on her desk!

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Laura said: "One thing I forgot to do was set an alarm to wake up. Sally, our GMB editor, thank you so much for phoning my physical phone and waking me up. I don't think what I said to her was very polite. But there we are. I am here."

Ben jokingly said: "That old chestnut. Do you want to share what you are having for breakfast this morning?"

After she spilled her juice everywhere, Ben said: "Shall we actually let Laura on live television?" Kate joked: "Has anybody breathalysed her?"

Laura reassured everyone she was fine and said she had some food in the form of chicken nuggets for breakfast.

Ben said: "Has anybody cleared this? What have you got for us, Laura?". She said: "Sunshine. Here are the details..."

Viewers joked about with the jobe that Laura was still drunk, as one Twitter user said: "Brilliant, #GMB weather girl on air pi**ed after winning a quiz night. Great skills.”

Another said: "Laura is definitely pi**ed #GMB”, and another added: "Laura chucking coffee all over the desk.. I can relate #gmb.”

Someone else asked: "Did Laura just pour coke over her laptop #gmb", while one replied: "Pouring coke over the laptop #gmb.”

And a further tweet read: "Chicken nuggets and coke for breakfast?! You're a legend @Lauratobin1 #GMB #WINNER.”

ITV's Good Morning Britain resumes on Monday, March 21 at 6am.