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  • 30/01/2024

How is HONOR MagicV2’s Hinge Better?

You may have seen the new HONOR Magic V2 and you know that there is something different with the hinge of this device. It just feels and seems durable. You may also wonder that at its HONOR Magic V2 price UAE today, you will have a phone that is sturdier compared to other foldable phones. Read more to find out why.



How is HONOR MagicV2’s Hinge Better?



Ways that HONOR Magic V2’s Hinge is Better


The hinge is super light


The HONOR Magic V2 is a recent iteration of the model that is popular among consumers. This is because of the light weight of the hinge. When you have mechanical parts on your smartphone, you do not want them to add to the overall weight of the device. It just becomes a burden for you to carry it around when you have a heavy phone in your pocket every time. This is the reason why the HONOR Magic V2 price UAE is quite surprising. Even if the hinge of the device is very light in weight, the cost is still cheaper compared to other devices. You can depend on the HONOR brand to give you the best value for your money with this device.


The hinge is made of titanium


What makes the hinge light is its material. HONOR used titanium for this essential part of the foldable phone. Titanium is one of the hardest metals used in commercial products right now. At the same time, titanium is also known to be lightweight. This material is also used in aircraft and spacecraft parts. Titanium is not used as often as people would want because of its expensive value. This is because the metal itself needs a definite set of steps and processes in order to be refined. The procedures require a lot of energy to be placed as well as equipment to be used which makes titanium a good but rare commodity for smartphones.

Titanium is a dependable material because it is very resilient against elements. It is also very good against wear. This is the reason why it is a great material for the hinge of a foldable phone.


The hinge is not a distraction


The hinge of the HONOR Magic V2 offers a smooth unfolding and gives the user a full flat screen. You will get a creaseless screen as you browse content as well as use other apps on the device. The hinge should not produce any unwanted distraction on your end. And the HONOR Magic V2 does just that. It is an essential yet unnoticeable part of the device. That is what it should be. The hinge should do one thing and, that is, to open and close the device.


The hinge allows less space when closed


The HONOR Magic V2 does not feel like a foldable phone at all when folded. Unless you are aware of it, you would think that the device is just your typical form factor when, in fact, it is really a folding phone. The device fully closes when folded. You can play games on the outer screen, reply to messages, and even browse content like a normal smartphone. The less space between the screen also keeps the display safe from any scratches that may be caused by elements like dust or debris.



How is HONOR MagicV2’s Hinge Better?






The hinge of the HONOR Magic V2 is better than the competitors because of its SGS certification, one that others do not have. This brand makes sure that it delivers in terms of reliability and durability. And it really does not disappoint. And at the HONOR Magic V2 price UAE right now, you can be sure that you are getting what you paid for with this device. Take a look at the HONOR Magic V2 once again and test it out for yourself.