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  • 16/11/2022

How to take screenshot on Mac; Steps to capture your screen

Taking a screenshot is an essential skill especially when you want to capture the screen on your Mac. It can be an email, flight tickets or tickets to an event or it can be a screenshot of your desktop. Today, everyone knows how to take a screenshot on their smartphones but there are very few of them who actually know how to capture their screen on a Mac. If you are using any variant of the Mac, then you have three methods to take a screenshot and if you are using a Mac device with the touch bar then you will have an additional fourth method as well.

Here we have different ways of taking screenshots on the Mac device using the keyboard shortcuts. Everytime you take a screenshot of your screen, Apple gives you options to delete, save or open the file. Stay here till the end to learn how to take screenshots on Mac.

Different methods to take screenshots on Mac

Shift + Command + 4

You can use this keyboard combination to use your cursor as a crosshair so that you can drag it to select a part of your screen that you want to capture. Then release the mouse button to complete the screenshot process. After using this combination, you will get different types of options to choose from.

How to take screenshot on Mac; Steps to capture your screen

Command + Shift + 3

If you want to take a screenshot of the entire screen on the Mac device then use this keyboard combination as it captures the whole screen.

Shift + Command + 5

This keyboard combination was first introduced in the MacOS Mojave (2018). When you use this shortcut command, you will see a small panel which has three screenshot buttons. You can choose any one of them to either capture the entire screen or a selected area on the screen or a particular window. There will be two video recording options that will allow you to record your screen or a selected area on the screen.

Command + Shift + 6 - Only for Mac devices with Touch Bar

If you are using the MacBook Pro 16 inch then you can simply click the Command + Shift + 6 to take a snap of your touch bar.

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