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  • 24/12/2022

How to use your laptop as a second monitor

Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Adding a second monitor to your workstation is an excellent way to expand your productivity, and while the best computer monitors are great for this, you can use your laptop as a second display, too. This is pretty useful, as you can save some money by using a laptop that you already own instead of buying a brand-new external monitor to use. You'll be able to do this as long as both your main PC and your laptop support wireless Miracast connectivity.

In this Windows 10 guide, we'll show you how you can successfully use your laptop as a second monitor.

How to use your laptop as a second monitor

Here's how you can extend your desktop's display to your laptop and use it as a second monitor (this process also works with two laptops):

How to use your laptop as a second monitor

Now that your PC is projecting to your laptop and you've selected the Extend option on your PC, you can use your laptop as a second monitor.

If you'd rather use a dedicated external monitor instead of a laptop for a second display, don't miss our guide on how to set up multiple monitors on Windows 10. Also, for more helpful articles, coverage, and answers to common questions about Windows 10 and Windows 11, visit the following resources:


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