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  • 30/11/2022

How Upgraded Technology Supports Teachers in the Classroom

Editor’s Note: EdTech is exploring the classroom as a workplace and the impact of legacy technology on teaching. Click here for more on legacy systems; explore essential edtech for today’s K–12 educators here; and read more about the connection between teacher retention and legacy technology here.

How Upgraded Technology Supports Teachers in the Classroom

As a sixth grade English language arts teacher at Aldine Independent School District in Texas, I use technology from bell to bell. Our school provides many applications that I can use with my students, and I constantly share tips with other teachers in the district, encouraging them to use this technology in their own classrooms.

For the 2021-2022 school year, Aldine ISD provided every educator in the district with devices. While we need to return the laptops and peripherals when the school year ends, it’s been great having this new technology to use with my class.

Technology isn’t going anywhere, so we might as well go ahead and embed it in our lessons and the curriculum. The hardware and applications the district provides help me engage and connect with my students as well as the middle school cheer team I coach.

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