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  • 11/02/2023

Learn How to use VPN on PS5 and Xbox; It will give you access to LOCKED games on

We all know about Virtual Private Networks or VPN. This magical tool lets you access websites, content and even video games that are region-locked or geolocked. It is easy to use VPN for PC or smartphones and takes just a few minutes to set up. But what about consoles like PlayStation 5 (PS5) or Xbox? It is a little complicated to use VPN on PS5 or to use VPN on Xbox, but it is still possible and you should definitely get it if you want to, not only play region-locked games, but also get early access to games. Additionally, if you watch Netflix on your console, you can also watch region restricted content and potentially open the entire video library to yourself. So, how to use VPN on PS5 and Xbox? Read on to find out.

VPNs help in multiple ways. Apart from giving you access to restricted titles and content, it also improves your gaming performance. Many VPNs connect console users through dedicated P2P and gaming servers that send your traffic through an express route between data centers. This diminishes latency, gives you less lag and reduces ping time for you. As a result, you can not only play online games better, but react faster to situations, giving you an advantage over rivals.

How to use VPN for consoles?

There are effectively two methods to do it as consoles cannot directly have VPN access. First, you can set up the VPN on your WiFi router. Second, you can set up the VPN on your PC. While the first step is easier, it will involve your entire home network to be routed through VPN, which may cause some problems for certain devices. Doing it through PC is another option, which may be longer but will leave the rest of the home network empty. So, let’s check out the first method of how to use VPN on PS5 and Xbox through the WiFi router.

Learn How to use VPN on PS5 and Xbox; It will give you access to LOCKED games on

The steps will differ based on your router brand and VPN service. So, it is almost impossible for us to give you the entire process. However, in general, log into your router, find the settings menu and look for a VPN page. After that, you will be asked to enter following details including:

1. Name of the service

2. Server address

3. Your account name/email address

4. Your password

5. A pre-shared key for encryption

In case your router does not support VPN, you have two options left. Either invest in a router that supports VPN or connect VPN through the PC. We understand that buying a new router might not be possible for everyone. So check out how to use VPN on PS5 and Xbox using PC or laptop. Do remember, you will need both an ethernet and WiFi port on your device for this to work.