• notebookcomputer
  • 28/03/2023

OneOdio A11 Super Bass Bluetooth headphones review

Build quality

OneOdio has let us down here as the build quality falls short of par for the sub-$40 price point. There are multiple aspects of this headset that feel cheap and liable to wearing out or breaking entirely. The worst offender is the adjustment mechanism. It’s made from very light plastic and doesn’t have enough friction between the two parts to keep it at the setting you decide on. This becomes immediately irritating as it requires re-adjustment every time you use it.

OneOdio A11 Super Bass Bluetooth headphones review

The hinges are cause for concern also, as they feel very loose and we suspect they are entirely constructed from plastic. Given how loose they are, we think that they may be particularly prone to breaking fairly quickly. The cables that run from the earcups are also something to make note of – they feel really cheap and inflexible, and given how exposed they are there could be potential for accidental damage. Additionally, the cables are disconcertingly taught when the headset is on its largest setting which worries us as they could be gradually pulled out. This is made worse as the adjustment mechanism means these cables will be pulled on very frequently.

The leatherette that covers the headband and earcup padding feels soft but inexpensive and the included cables are cheap and rubbery. They’re functional, but that’s about it. It’s not all bad news as the buttons are clicky and impressively tactile and the metal plates on the outside of the earcups are satisfyingly cold and sturdy to the touch.