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  • 05/12/2022

screenrant.com The Two Studios: Apple Mac Studio Vs. Microsoft Surface Studio

The epic battle between Apple and Microsoft has a new chapter with the release of Mac Studio. How does it compare with the all-in-one Surface Studio?

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Apple's latest mini tower, the Mac Studio, goes up against Microsoft's similarly-named workstation, the Surface Studio. Both are powerful computers that enable creators to explore the limits of their imagination. However, the two rival companies took a very different approach to the design and unique aspects of these devices. One is a raging beast of a machine, possibly the fastest personal computer in the world, while the other is an artist's dream.

Apple began as a computer manufacturer in 1976, one year after Microsoft was founded as a software company. There was no indication at the time that these would become some of the most powerful tech companies in the world, competing across many different types of products and services. That's what makes Apple's choice of Mac Studio quite interesting, perhaps stealing a little something back from Microsoft, which is said to have taken inspiration from Apple's Macintosh OS for its Windows operating system.


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screenrant.com The Two Studios: Apple Mac Studio Vs. Microsoft Surface Studio

Mac Studio is Apple's new desktop, while Surface Studio is an all-in-one that Microsoft released in 2018. While both are powerful, Apple claims the Mac Studio is the fastest personal computer in the world. Taking the shape of a half-height cube, Apple's Mac Studio starts at $1,999 and includes only the mini-tower and its power cord. The monitor, keyboard, and mouse are sold separately. Microsoft's Surface Studio 2, which is currently out of stock, is priced at $3,500. As an all-in-one, it includes a 28-inch display with Microsoft's unique Gravity Hinge that lays back to make a large drawing canvas. A keyboard, mouse, and a power cord are included and Microsoft also threw in a pressure-sensitive stylus for free, since this computer is designed for creativity. It is a bit unexpected for Apple to be championing performance while Microsoft inspires artwork.

Apple Vs Microsoft: Best Desktop

There are rumors that a Surface Studio 3 is coming in 2022, with the expected 2020 release having been delayed by the ongoing supply chain problems that have plagued most tech companies over the last couple of years. Apple seems largely immune to these delays and keeps churning out products that are increasingly powerful and enticing. While Mac Studio clearly wins on performance compared to the current Surface Studio 2, the upcoming model should put up a better fight and offer some features that Apple doesn't.

Microsoft's top computer includes a unique display hinge, touchscreen interface, art-ready stylus that inspires more creative usage than the Mac, at least in the traditional sense of art. A futuristic addition is the Surface Dial, a puck-shaped device that can rest on the screen and interact with compatible programs, such as spinning a palette open for select colors. 3D artists and computer animation experts will likely revel in the raw power available from Mac Studio driven at staggering speeds by Apple's M1 Ultra processor, making this battle between these computer giants an interesting one that remains unsettled.

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