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  • 19/02/2023

Select Chromebooks Will Get The Steam Alpha

Google News / Google Chrome / Select Chromebooks Will Get The Steam Alpha

By Arthur BrownMarch 15, 2022Advertisement

Chromebooks came into this world as Chrome browsers with cheap computers built around them. However, things change, and the Chromebooks have become really capable business machines. Now, thanks to the upcoming Steam alpha, Chromebooks could potentially become capable gaming machines as well.

Chromebooks are dominating the educational industry because they’re really affordable, and they come with a suite of useful tools that are helpful to students. While that’s true, companies like Samsung and HP really hook their Chromebooks up with really powerful hardware.

The Steam alpha will be coming to select Chromebooks

Chromebooks using that powerful hardware might be able to leverage it to play games. During the latest Google For Games development summit today, Google spoke about how Chromebooks are becoming better gaming devices. We all know that they’re able to run games on Stadia, but Android and Play product director Greg Hartell spoke about native gaming on Chromebooks.


Select Chromebooks Will Get The Steam Alpha

He talked about what’s next for gaming on Chromebooks, and one of the things he mentioned was a Steam beta coming to select Chromebooks. He didn’t go too much into detail on it, however.

What we were able to glean was that this isn’t coming to all Chromebooks. While Chromebooks have become more powerful, we can’t deny that many of them on the market are running using puny hardware. This is why the Steam alpha might be restricted to the more powerful devices.

This might tie into another Chromebook leak

While the thought of a gaming Chromebook might bring a chuckle to most people, there are several rumors that point to this as a potential reality. A while back, we got word that there could be dedicated gaming Chromebooks on the way; ones complete with RGB lights.


People found flags hidden in Chrome OS’s code that would activate RGB lights. It’s not much, but the fact remains that gamers like RGB. This could point to there being Chromebooks built, from the ground up, for gaming.

It’s possible that, if there are Chromebooks built for gaming, they could come with the final version of Steam installed. We can’t tell if there will be RGB Chromebooks, but we do know that Steam is on the way.

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