• notebookcomputer
  • 11/09/2022

Barnes & Noble releases a new Nook tablet with its largest display ever

Today is just another day online. It’s also a day when we received news of a new Nook tablet from Barnes & Noble. The Nook 10.1” costs $129.99 and has the line’s largest display ever at — you guessed it — 10.1 inches. That IPS display is 1920 x 1200 pixels with 224 ppi. It goes on sale on November 14th. Some other specs to note:

Barnes & Noble releases a new Nook tablet with its largest display ever

Unlike 2017’s Nook GlowLight 3, the new Nook is a true tablet that’s not just designed for reading. It also runs Android and ships with the Play Store, so you can do everything you’d usually do with an Android tablet — except now you can have a Barnes & Noble-branded one.

All that said, it’s an affordable tablet. A 10.1-inch Samsung Tab A goes for around $170, and that only includes 16GB of storage. If Barnes & Noble is trying to compete with Amazon’s Kindles and Fire Tablets, it’s at least winning the tablet war because it actually ships its devices with the Play Store, unlike Amazon, which would rather users stick with its own app store. (A 10.1-inch Fire Tablet also costs $149.99, so it’s slightly more expensive.) Personally, I’m shocked Barnes & Noble is still a functioning business, let alone a company that’s releasing branded-tablets, but the pricing and specs of the new Nook aren’t bad comparatively.

Correction 11/5, 2:40 PM ET: The original article stated that the screen had a 1920 x 2000 resolution, but that was incorrect. Barnes and Noble’s website still states that spec, but we’ve adjusted this article to say the resolution is 1920 x 1200.