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  • 29/11/2022

Best Infotainment Systems of 2022 According to Forbes

One of the most important features when buying a modern car is the infotainment system. Different automakers have wildly different systems in their vehicles. For example, is it a touchscreen? How responsive is the screen? Does it still use physical knobs or buttons for other controls? What kind of features are available through the infotainment system? Forbes ranked the best infotainment systems of 2022.

Ram, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge Uconnect

Available in a wide variety of vehicles, Forbes ranks Uconnect as one of the best options. Ram trucks, Chrysler minivans, and Jeep Wranglers use the same infotainment system. Firstly, it comes in various sizes, depending on the vehicle. Most importantly, Uconnect uses a clean, intuitive interface that runs smoothly on every car. Next, the system can use Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and voice commands for almost any more frequently used controls.

However, with a variety of vehicles comes a variety of functions. For example, some Jeep vehicles have “Off-Road Pages,” showing the vital driver information for off-road driving. Included is information like transmission temperature, body angles, and gearing. Moreover, those features aren’t necessary for the Chrysler Pacifica minivan, so they aren’t available. Performance models like the Dodge Challenger SRT‘s Uconnect get “Performance Pages,” which display customizable driving modes, lap times, and g-forces.

Kia UVO is one of the best infotainment systems of 2022

According to Forbes, Kia leverages simplicity to create one of the best infotainment systems. While excessive animations and fancy-feeling screens are cool, they aren’t always necessary. All that matters is how easy it is to use standard vehicle controls. Kia’s system works without problems and is exceptionally responsive. Screen sizes vary depending on the vehicle, but nearly all can support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Best Infotainment Systems of 2022 According to Forbes

Some Kia models come with rotary controls, and some do not. Forbes noted that those without physical controls are just as easy to use with the touchscreen. Navigation screens are easy to use, which is a welcomed change. Many automaker’s factory navigation systems are confusing, laggy, and difficult to use from the driver’s seat.

Mercedes-Benz MBUX

One of the newer infotainment systems to hit the market, the Mercedes-Benz User Experience, is top of the line. When A-Class cars were released in the United States in 2018, they were the first to utilize MBUX. Moreover, touchscreen, voice, steering wheel, and touchpad controls operate the system. Forbes reported that they all work very well, which isn’t always the case with some vehicles. However, voice controls are notably high-quality and even offer “intuitive funny responses to common inquiries.” For Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant users, you might be used to receiving a joke or mildly insulting comment from them. Mercedes-Benz MBUX system is no different.

Next, the MBUX system can learn how a smartphone would over time. For example, a daily commute and the driver’s favorite songs will become shortcuts after a bit of time. Most importantly, the MBUX system is fast, responsive, and easy to use.

Ford SYNC 4 is new and one of the best infotainment systems

Forbes compares Ford’s Sync infotainment system to Fiat Chrysler’s Uconnect in various ways. Mostly, it’s straightforward to use, just like the competitor’s offering. Recently, Ford began rolling out the newest version of the product. It’s called Sync 4 and introduced new features to Ford models utilizing it. For example, built-in connected services for maps, weather, and traffic, not unlike that of a smartphone.

In addition, the new generation of the Sync system boosts accuracy and speed for voice commands. Next, Sync 4 enables more options for voice commands and other services through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Finally, the system’s newest version can wirelessly connect to a smartphone over Wi-Fi. Ford’s system will also begin to learn the driver’s habits over time, similarly to MBUX. The new version of Ford’s already top-notch Sync is one of the best infotainment systems available.

Volvo Sensus

Sensus is easy to use and provides the driver with easy control over the many Volvo vehicle functions. According to Forbes, Volvo’s infotainment system is “more than capable” of running on the massive tablet-like screens the automaker is using in its vehicles. Controlling the system requires using swiping, and menus have plenty of features to operate.

For example, the climate system, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, and more are easily controlled with Sensus. Forbes calls it “the most complex system on this list,” so any unresponsiveness or operating difficulty would be detrimental. However, Volvo Sensus lives up to the requirements, and it’s one of the best infotainment systems available today.

Best infotainment systems of 2022

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In conclusion, loads of high-quality, complex infotainment systems are available in 2022. Forbes ranked the best options based on how easy to use each one is, as well as the intuitiveness. These are the types of high-tech systems that your grandmother could use for the most part. Automakers have gone out of their way to make sure even tech-illiterate people can easily use their vehicle’s many controls. If you’re looking for the best infotainment systems in 2022, try Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Kia, or Stellantis‘ brands.

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