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  • 08/11/2022

Genshin Impact: All secret Crimson Agate locations

Genshin Impact‘s Dragonspine region will have you collecting 80 Crimson Agates to empower the Frostbearing Tree. While a majority of these can be spotted in the wild, others are quite hard to find. Here’s our guide to help you find the secret Crimson Agate locations.

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Genshin Impact: All secret Crimson Agate locations

Genshin Impact: The secret Crimson Agate locations in Dragonspine

For starters, I would suggest checking our Genshin Impact guide on the Frostbearing Tree and Crimson Wishes. This gives you the gist on how to activate the tree itself as well as its rewards.

Now, regarding the Crimson Agates themselves, there are 80 for you to discover as you explore the Dragonspine region. The Frostbearing Tree can reach level 9 with these, but you’ll need to do Crimson Wishes (commissions that reset every three days) for the remaining materials.

As for the Crimson Agates that are in the wild, many could be readily seen on the minimap as you’re roaming around, whereas some might be off the beaten path. Others, meanwhile, could be obtained if you break some Ancient Rime ice blocks, or when you do challenges, chest encounters, or totem puzzles that are also easily spotted.

Likewise, several are found as you complete Genshin Impact‘s “In The Mountains” quest. This quest chain to unlock the Peak of Vindagnyr domain takes you all over Dragonspine, and many puzzles and destinations (even a magical pillar floating above the peak) provide you with Crimson Agates already.

Anyway, let’s talk about the ones that are very hard to find. You can refer to the pages below for Genshin Impact‘s secret Crimson Agate locations: