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  • 25/02/2023

Genshin Impact Celebrates Dragonspine's 1st Year With Alps Event

Genshin Impact released Dragonspine about a year ago and the miHoYo development team for the game is celebrating by holding a special event for it in the Alps. Why the Alps? There’s actually a very good reason.

The Alps are one of the main real-world locations that inspired the design of Dragonspine. As part of the celebration, miHoYo has worked with the Val Thorens ski resort to highlight the game. Genshin Impact-themed artwork and character cutouts can be found throughout the resort, with branding on ski lifts, guard walls, and more. You’ll even see various character cutouts placed directly in the snow throughout the area.

For players that aren’t able to visit the resort, there’s a way to participate online too.


Genshin Impact players can celebrate Dragonspine with an online web event

miHoYo is celebrating Dragonspine’s release with more than real-world product placement. An online web event called Enchanting Journey Of Snow And Stars begins today, and you can access it right here.

Genshin Impact Celebrates Dragonspine's 1st Year With Alps Event

In this event, players can create a special illumination souvenir card. You enter your nickname, select your region, and choose from the list of characters to have show up on the card you create. In doing so, your creation adds to the number of players for your region who have participated.

This will contribute to two things. First, there are three tiers of rewards available to players. Each one corresponding to a number of illuminators. You can view those rewards in one of the images above, but as a breakdown here’s what players have a chance to get.


At 300,000 illuminators, all participating players will receive 3x Goulash. An in-game meal that provides buffs to your party. At 600,000 illuminators, players also get 20,000 Mora. Finally, at 1,000,000 illuminators players get 30 primogems.

The event celebrations don’t stop there either. The point of creating these illumination cards coincides with a special teleport waypoint that’s been physically placed in the Alps. miHoYo will light this waypoint up once the event reaches 1 million participants.

Additionally, it will broadcast the lighting ceremony in January. With streams happening on Twitch, YouTube, and VK. All that said, there is yet one more thing that’s part of this event. At the official event page, you can write down your wishes for the new year. And in doing so, there’s a chance your wish will be displayed on the Tree of Wishes atop the Alps.


Obviously, players don’t need to do any of this. However, it is a fun way to participate in an event for a game they enjoy. Genshin Impact will also be getting its patch 2.4 update on January 5.