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  • 26/02/2023

Genshin Impact Lost in the Snow quest and how to feed foxes

The Genshin Impact Feed the Foxes puzzle is part of the Lost in the Snow World Quest in Dragonspine. As is often the case, the game isn’t going to give you all the details, so don’t feel bad if you aren’t sure about the next steps.

Basically, we’re going to climb a mountain, search for Joel’s father, and feed a bunch of adorable snow foxes. Here’s how to find every Lost in the Snow camp, how to feed the foxes, and how to find the 80th Crimson Agate piece to upgrade your Frostbearing Tree.

We’ll also explain what happened to Joel’s father at the end of this guide, so be careful if you want to avoid spoilers!

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Genshin Impact Lost in the Snow: How to start it

To start the Dragonspine World Quest ‘Lost in the Snow’, you need to speak with a boy called Joel in the adventurer camp in the Mondstadt region. The camp is located northeast of Dragonspine. Once there, you can find Joel standing between the two remaining pillars of an old stone gate, staring at the Dragonspine mountain.

Joel will tell you that his father has gone missing. Your mission is to go into the mountains and find him. It is wise to put a Pyro character on your team, as lighting a fire is often the only way to keep yourself from freezing during this quest.

Genshin Impact Lost in the Snow quest and how to feed foxes

Find Joel's Father: Camp 1

The first part of the quest tells you to follow the Snow-Covered Path. Although it is wise to do as the quest says if you are new to the Dragonspine region, you can also save some time by teleporting.

Three Hilichurls will spawn once you reach the camp. Defeat them and read the ‘Neatly-Written Note’ to find out where Joel’s father headed next.

Find Joel's Father: Camp 2

The second part of the ‘Lost in the Snow’ quest sends you to the western slope of the Dragonspine mountain. You have to (partly) walk to this camp as there is no Teleport Waypoint nearby. Those who are new to Dragonspine can best continue along the path towards the west. If you already unlocked the Teleport Waypoint near Albedo’s camp, you can save some time by teleporting there and then walking.

Beware of the big Frostarm Lawachurl sitting near the camp. Although you can avoid him, defeating him will grant you a chest containing one Crimson Agate, so you might want to do this before moving on.

You will find a very small camp, with Joel’s Father’s stuff covered in snow. There’s no need to search the area for Scarlet Quartz; you can easily remove this with a Pyro attack. Read the Neatly-Written Notes to discover where Joel’s Father was headed next.

Find Joel's Father: Camp 3

The third camp is well-hidden. The easiest way to get there is by teleporting to the Statue of the Seven. However, if you haven’t unlocked it yet, you can also get there from the direction of Albedo’s camp.

Whichever way you choose, you need to read the Scribbled Notes at the campsite to get a clue about what happened to Joel’s father.

How to feed the foxes in Genshin Impact

In the third camp, Joel’s Father will ask you through his notes to feed the foxes. Although you have now unlocked the feeding option, you don’t need to do it as part of the ‘Lost in the Snow’ quest. If you decide to skip this for now, remember the location for later (you’ll need the Crimson Agate eventually).

To start supporting the local wildlife straight away, you need to place two berries in the bowl next to the cooking pot. Repeat this for five or six days (real-time days, not in-game days!), until you find a chest upon your return. The Crimson Agate is inside. Opening the chest will also complete the ‘Untellable Tale’ achievement.

Some players seem to be worried whether the foxes respawn if you (let’s assume accidentally) kill them. Luckily, the foxes seem to respawn daily. Be careful when trying to snap a selfie with them, though. Furthermore, the foxes will not appear immediately. If you return on the second day, you will see a snow fox eating the berries.

What happened to Joel's father?

Don’t let the foxes distract you too much; Joel is still waiting for news about his father! Just return to the adventurer camp and speak to Joel again to complete ‘Lost in the Snow’. You will get 40 Primogems, 300 Adventure Rank EXP, Mora, and some Weapon- and Character Level-up Materials in return for your hard work.

Are you still unsure about what happened to Joel’s father? Although his last messages in the third camp already suggested the worst, those who are interested in learning more can find an additional clue near the campsite. Remember how Joel’s father wrote about having the ‘The Boar Princess’ in his backpack? Go down the steep slope towards the north (close to Albedo’s camp), and you will find a backpack lying at the bottom, containing… The Boar Princess.

You have now completed what is perhaps the saddest story in Genshin Impact yet. All there’s left to do is feed the foxes for a few more days until you get your Crimson Agate. Good luck!