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  • 07/02/2023

Surface Pro 7 vs Surface Pro 8: which is right for you?

Microsoft has released many versions of the Surface Pro over the last few years, and they’ve quickly become a beloved product for creatives who want all the benefits of a tablet, but with the full Windows operating system. Both the Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro 8 are very capable devices in their own right, but how do they actually compare against each other?

There are a lot of Surface Pro 7 owners who might be looking at their devices and wondering if it's time for an upgrade to the Surface Pro 8, or perhaps you’re wondering if you’ll save some cash by picking up the older Surface Pro device.

Surface Pro 7 vs Surface Pro 8: which is right for you?

If you’re a creative hoping to run applications like Adobe Photoshop or Premiere then the clear winner here is going to be the Surface Pro 8, as its more powerful base specifications are far more capable of handling demanding software. The 4GB in the Surface Pro 7 base model is barely enough for the device to run Windows OS smoothly, so it struggles if you throw too much at it.

That said, If you don't need an especially powerful device and won’t be using it as a dedicated drawing tablet then the Surface Pro 7 can be picked up for a bargain, with more powerful versions than the underwhelming entry-level model available second-hand or in seasonal sales.

Both tick plenty of boxes between them though, so chances are you’ll find the perfect Microsoft Surface device that will suit your needs, regardless of if you opt for the Surface Pro 7 or the Surface Pro 8.

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