• notebookcomputer
  • 18/04/2022

WhatsApp moves closer to allowing Android-to-iOS chat transfer

When buying a new phone, people tend to transfer all of their data from the old device. This includes photos, contacts, notes, and more. WhatsApp has allowed users to back up their chat histories for years. However, users could only restore these backups on the same platform. So those moving from one operating system to another had no official method to import their valuable messages. Eventually, the company started allowing users moving from an iPhone to a Samsung or Pixel phone to transfer their WhatsApp chat histories. However, to this day, Android users moving to iOS still have no direct method to do so. The good news is that Android-to-iOS chat transfers could be made available soon — as the company is actively developing this feature.

WhatsApp moves closer to allowing Android-to-iOS chat transfer

As reliable WhatsApp leaker WABetaInfo has reported, the company is readying its Android-to-iOS chat transfer tool. The screenshots they’ve shared above display traces of the feature that are not visible to users yet. The underlying code present in a recent beta build of the app only hints at the active development of this feature. When WhatsApp eventually releases it, users moving from an Android phone to an iPhone won’t be forced to lose their chat histories or rely on unofficial methods and software.

It’s unclear when the transfer tool will surface, as the company is unpredictable when it comes to releasing new features. For example, WhatsApp has been working on an iPad app for years (!), but it’s still unavailable to this day. It’s also worth noting that the new transfer tool is still not visible to beta users by default. WABetaInfo had to trigger it themself to take the screenshots attached above.

Do you transfer your chat history when switching to a new phone, or are you okay with losing it? Let us know in the comments section below.