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  • 23/12/2022

www.androidpolice.com Weekend poll: Do you use a tablet?

From budget slates to laptop replacements, there's something for everyone

Tablets have never really caught on in the mainstream the way laptops and smartphones did, but that doesn't mean they're not immensely popular. The modern concept of a tablet — which kicked off with the launch of the iPad — turned ten this year, making it the perfect time to revisit an old question. Are you still using a tablet, and if so, what kind?

www.androidpolice.com Weekend poll: Do you use a tablet?

Despite facing a bit of a slump a few years ago, I feel like tablets have made a comeback throughout the last couple of years. Some slates now pack as much power as a thin-and-light laptop, making them ideal as a laptop replacement when paired with a keyboard dock. It's also easier than ever to find mid-range tablets at affordable prices. Just look at recent entries from Nokia and Lenovo, offering large screens and solid performance for as low as $250. And that's to say nothing of Amazon's budget series of Fire Tablets, which undoubtedly found their way into the hands of millions of new owners yesterday morning.


Then, of course, there's the iPad. Despite competition from Samsung, Apple owns the high-end space, offering premium experiences from the iPad Mini to the M1-powered 12.9" iPad Pro. Android is about to get a whole lot better for larger displays with Android 12L, but it's hard to ignore how behind the times Google has been in this regard, focusing instead on improving Chrome OS on tablets. The heyday of the Nexus 7 dominating the conversation is long behind us.

The last time we asked this question, the answers focused on how often our readers actively used their tablets. This time, I want to focus on what kind of tablet everyone's using. Are you rocking one of Samsung's very nice — and very expensive — Galaxy Tabs, a budget slate from Amazon, or are you following Google into the unknown with a Chrome OS device? Maybe you're a Microsoft Surface die-hard, or perhaps you've chosen to pair your shiny Pixel 6 with an iPad Air. Whatever you use — or don't — let us know below.

Yes, an Android tablet.41%, 4895 votes Yes, a Chrome OS tablet (or hybrid device).6%, 762 votes Yes, an iPad.19%, 2351 votes Yes, an Amazon Fire tablet.6%, 762 votes Yes, a Microsoft Surface or other Windows tablet.6%, 679 votes I would consider buying one, but I don't own one right now.6%, 698 votes No, I do not use a tablet.15%, 1753 votes Something else (leave a comment) 1%, 173 votesTotal Votes: 12073 Android 13 DP2 is out now, giving Pixels another glimpse at upcoming changes Read NextShareTweetShareEmail Related TopicsAbout The AuthorWill Sattelberg(906 Articles Published)

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