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  • 19/01/2023

The 4 best gaming desks under $100

There’s no shortage of great gaming desks out there — but gaming desks under $100 are an entirely different story. Unfortunately, most budget desks tend to be small and fragile, though they don’t have to be; Amazon has a select few budget options that, despite their lower price tags, come with tons of convenient features and surprisingly high ratings. As with any other furniture purchase, you’ll want to first consider the size and how it suits your space and gear. Next, think about additional features that will make your gaming accessories as convenient and accessible as possible like built-in cup holders or monitor stands.

As previously discussed, budget desks tend to be on the smaller side, but this list has options that offer as much as 50 inches of workspace. Oftentimes, affordable desks are more minimalist (you won’t find roomy drawers or large wall units here), but that doesn’t mean they need to feel cheap. Materials like metal, carbon fiber, and dense plastic ensure that your desk is sturdy despite a simple frame design.

Finally, consider which features will make your gaming experience more efficient and organized: Do you want a built-in cup holder and a headphone hook? How about organization racks for your games and controllers? Do you want your desk to be L-shaped? You’ll find all of those qualities below. I’ve also included a height-adjustable model for a little more than $100, too.

1. The overall best gaming desk under $100

Homall Gaming DeskAmazon

The Homall gaming desk is the overall best pick because it’s well-rated and offers all the essentials for a great price. You get 44 inches of space for your gaming setup as well as a built-in headphone hook, cup holder, and cord collector. The Z-shaped frame is largely made from sturdy metal, while the textured carbon-fiber desktop is resistant to water, sweat, and scratches. Finally, the adjustable leg pads keep your desk stable and level on almost any type of floor. This one has earned an overall rating of 4.7 stars after more than 3,000 reviews.

The 4 best gaming desks under 0

One reviewer wrote: “I think this desk is pretty cool and much cheaper than other brands. Assembly is super easy. Love the drink and headphone accessory included. [...] I recommend it 100 percent. The desk is sturdy. It’s a mostly metal frame. If you’re hesitating. Don’t, it’s super worth it.”

2. The best L-shaped desk under $100

Aludest Corner Computer DeskAmazon

While this corner desk doesn’t look like your average gaming desk, for some, that’s an asset — its sleek woodgrain top and minimalist profile work well alongside most aesthetics and for most purposes. Still, it’s well-suited for gaming because of its roomy L-shaped design, built-in raised monitor stand, headphone hanger, and canvas drawer.

One reviewer wrote: “Loved this for my brother's gaming/school set up; easy to assemble and cozy addition to his room; adds a minimalist and neat look.”

3. The best desk for small spaces

ODK Computer DeskAmazon

At 31 inches wide, this ODK computer desk is definitely compact, but it also has plenty of features that warrant its 4.6-star rating and more than 7,000 reviews. Gamers love its side storage compartment, headphone hook, and clamp-friendly tabletop, which comes in a huge range of woodgrains and solid color options. It’s also easy to assemble and has a sturdy but minimalist frame that’ll fit in most small rooms.

One reviewer wrote: “We got this for our gaming computer that we wanted to fit in a small cubby area of a spare room. It fits perfectly, looks pretty, and is the perfect size to hold the tower and monitor.”

4. A simple desk with lots of built-in organization

Atlantic Gaming Desk ProAmazon

If you have a lot of gaming accessories and nowhere to put them, the Atlantic Pro gaming desk offers plenty of organizational solutions while remaining sleek and compact. In addition to its 40.25-inch width and 21.87-inch monitor stand, it also has wire racks for your keyboard, headphones, games, controllers, and more. It even has a built-in stand for your phone or tablet. Smooth curves, an X-shaped frame for stability, and an all-black design ensure that it looks great in any space.

One reviewer wrote: “The desk is everything I wanted for a modest gaming/workspace rig. [...] All in all the compartments keep my stuff organized, it's a sturdy quality build and a steal for under $200. This thing could easily sell for more.”

Also great: A height-adjustable desk for under $200

Waleaf Height Adjustable Gaming DeskAmazon

Yes, it’s over $100 — but you’d be hard-pressed to find any kind of durable adjustable desk (much less an adjustable gaming desk) for less than $200. For that reason, this Waleaf gaming desk is worth the splurge if you want to be able to customize the height of your setup (which helps accommodate a wide range of gaming chairs and might even improve your posture). Its height ranges from 27.5 to 31.5 inches, and its additional features include a cup holder, a headphone hook, adjustable feet, and double-wire holes. Plus, it comes with a free mousepad and rack with four USB ports.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought the desk because I’m short and I wanted to be able to sit comfortably at my desk without having my feet dangle lol. This desk is awesome and spacious. The mouse pad is alright, the cable management does okay if you keep working with it. The height adjustment is the best part of the desk. I’m 5’3 and my desk sitting at 27” is a huge relief for my back.”