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  • 26/09/2022

Why is my internet always going down? List of potential reasons and how to fix them

You are in the middle of your work conference call and suddenly your internet decides to cut out, forcefully logging you off, leaving you with a confused look on your face.

We rely heavily on the internet today more than ever, and it is used every day for both work and social occasions, so why does it go down unexpectedly?

Is it to do with your router or is the connection just too busy? There are many reasons as to why this happens.

Here we’ve put together the top reasons why your internet could be cutting out midway through work.

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Your internet speed plays a lot on how easy it is to browse and even with a good internet provider, the speed can still drop unexpectedly, causing you to lose internet completely.

Running a speed test is the best way to check your internet speed to establish if this is the issue.

If your WIFI router is out of date or is more than five years old, this can cause your internet to drop in and out.

This is because an out of date router uses outdated firmware which doesn’t cooperate with the WIFI technical standards.

Why is my internet always going down? List of potential reasons and how to fix them

Update your router if this is the problem and if your router is five years or older.

There are many different types of internet in homes, that will come with various different cables that are needed.

These are usually a couple of cables, and the three most common cables are Coaxial, Phone and Ethernet cable.

If one of your cables are broken this will affect the whole system, causing your internet to keep disconnecting.

Check for any damaged cables and replace them.

When a certain internet line is busy it can cause the internet to drop in and out.

This can be caused by bad weather, if a vast number of people in the same area are on the same provider at the same time or if your household is busy with different technology being used all on the same wifi.

Sometimes there can be a technical interference with the connection within the area which can also cause the internet to drop out unexpectedly.

If you experience any unexpected internet problems, leaving you pushed offline. Try these steps to help you establish what the problem is and some quick fixes you can try.

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