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  • 01/07/2022

Windows 11 sees big gains in Steam Survey December 2021 results

Every month, Steam releases survey results that reveal what kind of hardware and software the platform's gamers are using. This report provides a window of insight into how Intel and AMD are faring in terms of CPU market share, which VR headsets are most prominent in the PC space, and loads more details of that variety. Steam's survey results aren't to be taken as absolutely foolproof tests of which company is doing best with gamers, but they do serve as indicators of what's what in the market.

That's why it's worth taking note of the fact that, according to Steam's December 2021 survey results, Windows 11 appears to have secured a smidgen over a tenth of Steam users' PCs. As of December 2021, it had a 10.15% market share, up 1.87% from the previous month. Windows 10 remained king with 81.74%, while Windows 7 fell to 3.24%. Windows as a whole, regardless of version, accounted for 96.19% of the Steam OS pie.

In the CPU space, Intel managed 69.27% in December, up 0.82% over November. AMD fell to 30.71%. And on the GPU side, NVIDIA continued to dominate with 76.83%, slowly encroaching on what little share Intel and AMD still hold onto.

Windows 11 sees big gains in Steam Survey December 2021 results

On the VR front, Windows Mixed Reality more or less maintained its holding pattern with just 0.10% in gains, capping out at 5.69% market share in December.

Be sure to check the survey results monthly to see how these numbers fluctuate as time goes on.

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