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  • 20/10/2022

Best Free Clock Screen Savers for Windows PC

What do you do when you have to leave your desktop or workstation for some time? Have you set any screensaver on your PC? If not, you should consider using one! Today, in this post, I will be sharing some of the best free Clock Screen Savers for Windows 11/10 PC.

For those who don’t know, the screensaver is a computer program that fills your display screen with patterns or images or a video when your computer is idle for a set time. It is an old technology but a useful one. It can make your computer screen colorful when kept idle and also keep privacy because it hides your desktop screen when you are away.

You can use different images, patterns, or videos as your screensaver but it’s a great idea to keep a clock as your screensaver. Today, in this post, we will share some of the best free clock screensavers for your Windows 11 PC. Screensavers are by default turned off in Windows PC, so before we proceed with the free clock screensavers, you need to enable screensavers in your Windows 11 PC.

Free Clock Screen Savers for Windows 11/10 PC

You can download any of these free clock screensavers to show time on Windows PC when you are away from your computer:

A simple, basic, and yet classy program that turns your desktop screen into a flip clock. You can switch it to a 12-hours or a 24-hours clock format and it gives accurate time. It has a single black and white color palette which might not be your choice but if you like simple things, this may suit you.

To make Fliqlo your default screensaver, download it on your PC from here. Extract the files and open the extracted folder. Right-click on the Fliqlo.scr file and click on Show more options, click Install and follow the instructions.

Once installed, press Win + I on your keyboard and go to the Screensaver settings or type control desk.cpl,,@screensaver in the Run dialogue box as mentioned above.

From the dropdown menu, select Fliqlo and click OK. You can also change the Settings of Fliqlo like changing the brightness, the background, the format, and scale the clock size. Click on Ok when you are done.

Fliqlo is now your screensaver and when you leave your computer idle for the set time, a classic black and white clock will hide your desktop.

Best Free Clock Screen Savers for Windows PC

It took less than a minute to download this program on my PC but sadly it came bundled with a few more programs like Opera web browser, Facebook app, and the Web companion program from Lavasoft. Make sure you skip those crapware while installing Fliqlo.

This is a very simple, nice, and of course free clock screensaver for your Windows 11 PC. It displays time in beautiful Neon color. Nothing much to do here. Simply download the program from here, open the .exe file and follow the instructions to install it on your PC. It takes just a few seconds to land on your PC. Open the Screensaver settings and select Digital Clock-7 from the dropdown menu. Unlike Fliqlo, Digital Clock-7 also displays the Date, Year and Day along with the time (with seconds). Also, no other crapware or extra programs were downloaded with this one.

As the name suggests, this screensaver actually displays the drunken clock. This one is a fancy clock screensaver for your PC and if you like a little quirky thing, you may like it. The free version of this screensaver will run a warning along stating that this screensaver is not registered. The paid version of the Drunken Clock Screensaver comes with a few benefits like unlimited skins, no lag etc. Downloading and installing this program is again pretty simple. Just download the program from here, run the .exe file and follow the instructions to install it on your PC. From the screensaver settings, set it as your default screensaver and you are done. Also, just like Fliqlo, this program also tends to bring some crapware along, so be watchful while installing it.Download it here.

Free Clock screensaver displays an analog clock on your screen when you are away. This is again a simple program and brings no malware along. Simple download the .exe file and install it on your PC. Set it as your screensaver from the Settings and you are done. It shows the date and day along with the analogue clock with moving hours, minutes and second hands. Download it from here.

This is a cool clock screensaver for your PC indeed. PongClock is actually a retro kind of screensaver wherein a video-game is being played in the background. Download the program from here, extract the files and run PongClock.scr file on your PC. Install it and set it as your screensaver from the Settings as shown above.

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Go to the System Settings by pressing Win + I on your keyboard. In the Search option, type Screensaver and select ‘Turn screensaver on or off’. It is set on None by default but you can select any option from the dropdown menu. Click on OK and its done.

Alternatively, you can also run the dialogue box by pressing Win + R on your keyboard and type control desk.cpl,,@screensaver. This will directly open the screensaver settings and you can make the changes.

Here, you can also change the wait time for your screensaver to appear.

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You can download any of the free clock screensavers mentioned in the list above. All of them are very simple and classic ones. Simply download and install them on your PC and set it as your screensaver from the Settings.

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Open the Run dialog box and type, control desk.cpl,,@screensaver. This will take you directly to the screensaver settings. Here you can select the screensaver you want from the dropdown menu. Click Ok and you are done.