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  • 03/10/2022

Instagram Web: How to Post Photos and Videos from Instagram Web Version on Desktop

Instagram is finally allowing its users to post photos and videos on their Instagram account through its desktop version. Users can now post on their Instagram account through PC or laptops. This feature will be most helpful for those users who want to post high-quality photos directly through their computers. Earlier, posting was only possible through smartphones operating on Android or iOS. The Facebook-owned company has now added a ‘+’ icon to let users post their pictures directly through their PC or laptop. During posting, users can edit their photos on Instagram itself. Here’s how you can post your photos on Instagram through your computer:

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How to Post Photos and Video on Instagram from Desktop?

Posting photos or videos through a PC or laptop on Instagram is as simple as it is on a smartphone. You just need to select the picture and post it. Let’s take a look at step-by-step procedure to post on Instagram through desktop:

Instagram Web: How to Post Photos and Videos from Instagram Web Version on Desktop

Can you Post Instagram Stories and Reels from Desktop?

Instagram Reels is currently the trending feature of the app, it lets you shoot, edit and post 60-seconds videos to your Instagram account. It also has a dedicated music library from which users can select their favourite songs and make Reels on them. Sadly, Instagram doesn’t allow you to post Stories and Reels from the desktop. There are currently no updates on when users can add Instagram Stories or Reels from their computer or laptop. There are some third-party tools through which you can post your Instagram Stories or Reel via PC but we won’t suggest you use them as they will require access to your account. That said, you can still upload your pictures or videos on your profile as a post.

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A report from Engadget reveals that Instagram Reels will be available on desktop from October 21st. However, you will be only able to watch reels and not upload or edit them. It will also have Dynamic lyrics and Superbeat features in the Instagram Reels.

The same report also states that Instagram is also working on a feature that will let you start Non-profit fundraisers from the new post button available on desktop. In case you don’t know, Instagram allows NGOs or organizations to raise a fundraiser on its app through smartphones.

Which is that one Instagram feature you would like to see on its desktop version? Tell us in the comments section.

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