• notebookcomputer
  • 01/02/2023

Internet Computer Founder Plans To Prevent The War Between Ukraine And Russia

The proposal given by William is highly focused on the fact that usage of blockchain technology can be used to prevent the incentive and propaganda of the people of Russia with the help of rewards from crypto. These rewards can be used to get relevant information about the condition of Ukraine.

Internet Computer Founder Plans To Prevent The War Between Ukraine And Russia

The Process Used By The Founder Of Internet Computer

Dominic Williams the founder of DFINITY and Internet Computer (ICP) came up with a weird plan that he will end the war between Russia and Ukraine by the use of smart contracts and rewards of crypto that will be worth $250 million. The Internet Computer of DFINITY is a protocol and public blockchain that was incorporated in 2021 with the objective of decentralizing the internet.

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The proposal was given by Williams which had the sole motive to let the general population of Russia know about the destruction and inhuman actions the country is doing against the people of Ukraine. He stated that the people are totally ignorant and if they get the right information, they can pressurize their Government to stop such actions.

In the words of Williams, sanctions cannot prevent Russia from invading Ukraine. The people of that country are believing the false narrative that their Government is setting and thus, they are not turning against Vladimir Putin. The smart contracts and technology of blockchain can bring in verified citizens of Russia and show them actual information about the war.

According to the post, a brand new account for crypto will be opened for every attendee by the smart contracts and those attendees can have access and control with the help of Internet Identity. The Internet Computer founder wants to give rewards in BTC and ETH assets just to incentivize the people. All the Citizens of Russia will need to see the entire video to get their accounts unlocked.