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  • 14/03/2023

New PlayStation 5 System Update 21.02-04.50.00 Released; Here’s What it Does

It’s system firmware update day with Sony now also rolling out a new system update for its next-gen console, PlayStation 5 system update 21.02-04.50.00.

Nintendo just released a new system update for the Switch, and Sony has followed suit with a new firmware version for PS5. As with most firmware updates for Sony’s consoles, release notes are quite minimal and only mention improved system performance. As with all system updates, however, it’s likely that the update also contains some under-the-hood changes. Down below you’ll find the release notes for this system update.

New PS5 System Software Update 21.01-03.21.00 Released

New PlayStation 5 System Update 21.02-04.50.00 Released; Here’s What it Does

PlayStation 5 System Update 21.02-04.50.00 Release Notes

This system software update improves system performance

The PlayStation 5 is available globally now. Sony launched the console back in November of last year. Since the console’s launch, Sony managed to sell more than 13.4 million units globally.

“Today marks a historic moment for the PlayStation brand, and all of us at SIE are pleased to celebrate the release of PlayStation 5 together with our community of fans, game developers, and industry partners,” said Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment upon the console's launch last year. “PS5 is a truly next-generation console representing the beginning of a new era for gaming. I’m thrilled for the new worlds that players will begin to experience today, and I’m equally excited for the lineup of games still to come for PS5 that will continue to propel the gameplay experience forward. We are humbled to work with a talented community of world class game developers. Their creativity will bring limitless possibilities to what the future of gaming can look like on PS5.”

We reviewed the console upon launch and here's what we had to say about Sony's next-gen console in a follow-up op-ed article.

Whereas Microsoft has clearly been focusing on graphical horsepower with its Xbox Series X for this generation, Sony is taking a different route with its focus on sparkling your senses in multiple ways. This isn’t to say that the PS5 lacks horsepower, on the contrary, but Sony is aiming for something different – something that players are able to see, hear, and feel.