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  • 20/08/2022

Support the journalism that matters for the North West Star

The North West Star is switching on a new-look website that will be faster to load and easier to read on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

The new site will ensure your favourite local news, sport, community information and opinion is optimised for viewing on any device wherever you are.

The refreshed site design, launching Tuesday March 22 draws heavily on the feedback of hundreds of online users.

Support the journalism that matters for the North West Star

It features a sleek and uncluttered look and new streamlined functions designed to make it easier to find the latest news and enjoy and share your favourite reading.

Editor Derek Barry said the Star was responding to feedback from subscribers.

"The challenges of the past two years have shown how important local news is to our community," he said.

"I hope this new site attracts even more Star subscribers so we can continue delivering the news that Mount Isa relies on to stay informed."

The North West Star is part of ACM, Australia's largest independent media company.

The ACM network of 140 news websites and newspapers stretches into every state and territory, reaching 6.4 million regional, rural and suburban Australians a month.