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  • 26/11/2022

A 2020 iPad Pro with 1TB of storage is $220 off at Walmart

SAVE $220: The 11-inch iPad Pro from 2020 (1TB, WiFi) is on sale for $979.99 at Walmart as of March 17 — that's 18% off its usual price of $1,199.99.

A 2020 iPad Pro with 1TB of storage is 0 off at Walmart

Once you turn to an iPad Pro for your creative tasks, you'll never look back. A powerhouse tablet built with digital artists and other creatives in mind, the "Pro" performance is hard to beat for tasks like editing photos, designing 3D prototypes, slicing up video footage, or digital painting. Scoring one with significant storage for under a grand is rare.

The 11-inch iPad Pro from 2020, which is packed with 1TB of storage, is on sale for just $979.99 at Walmart as of March 17. That's $220 off its usual price of $1,199.99. If you've been holding off on getting a new iPad for some time, this deal is it.

Released back in April 2020, the 11-inch iPad Pro came with a ton of worthwhile upgrades compared to its predecessors: dual cameras, a LiDAR scanner, trackpad support with iPadOS, a True Tone display, and a new chipset. Mashable deemed it a "worthy update for creatives," but only if you haven't updated in quite a while.

Its impressive abilities aren't fully satisfying without some additional accessories (Apple Pencil, Magic Keyboard, etc.), which you'll have to pay for separately. But fortunately, by saving $220 on the iPad Pro itself, you'll have some spare change left in your pocket to splurge. If you do, then you're getting the best bang for your buck.

Credit: AppleApple iPad Pro (1TB, WiFi)$979.99 at Walmart (save $220)

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