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  • 09/04/2022

Call Of Duty: Vanguard Zombies How To Complete The Prologue Easter Egg

Vanguard Zombies adds a prologue story quest to uncover in the Season 1 Reloaded update for Der Anfang.

ByS.E. Dosteron


Call of Duty Season 1 Reloaded is live in Vanguard, bringing a new location, objective, and feature to the Zombies map Der Anfang. Treyarch also included an optional story prologue that can be completed to learn more about where the narrative is headed for Season 2. Here we walk you through completing this storyline Easter egg.

How to complete Der Anfang's prologue quest

Gain access to Von List's office

First, you'll need to progress through at least two objectives in order to gain access to Von List's office, which is the new area added to Der Anfang with Season 1 Reloaded. The first objective you'll need to clear from the hub is the north-facing portal in the Fountain Square, and doing this will open up the Panzer Column East section of Stalingrad. Inside the Store location is the new portal objective needed to unlock Von List's office.

Call Of Duty: Vanguard Zombies How To Complete The Prologue Easter Egg

Complete this second portal objective to clear the pathway. Then, you will be free to head up the staircase and explore the new area. Treyarch calls this Von List's office, but it's labeled on the map as Command Post. Here you'll find the portal for the new Shi No Numa Void survival objective.

Note: I did choose to clear a third objective to unlock access to the Fiendish Fortitude "Juggernog" health perk fountain before attempting the survival rounds of Shi No Numa. This isn't required for the quest and surviving isn't too difficult, but I wanted to ensure I could outlast the hordes in such a small space. There won't be any perk fountains inside Shi No Numa, so grab whatever perks you want before entering the portal. If you're new to Vanguard Zombies, we have a complete perk guide to help to locate them all.

Survive in Shi No Numa

Head into the Void portal and survive for three rounds to complete the objective. Then, you'll want to go back through the portal to return to Stalingrad. During this time spent warping back through the portal, you’ll get a cutscene with dialogue featuring Kortifex, one of the main antagonists of Vanguard Zombies.

Talk to Krafft

When you finally return back to Stalingrad, Professor Kraftt says he wants to speak to you. Head back up the staircase leading to Von List's office. Look on your right as you reach the top level of the staircase, you'll see a glowing red X marked on a door. Here you'll get dialogue from Professor Krafft, who is trapped behind the door with a spell from the Tomb of Rituals. He asks you to collect the missing pages from the spell book, but it doesn't look like this part of the quest can be completed yet.

Talk to Norticus

Exit out of the office area to trigger dialogue from Norticus. He directs you to the Apartments area to speak with him. You'll need to complete the portal objective to unlock this area of the map. Once you have access, head up to the top floor of the Apartments. Look for the room with the candlelight and the two skeletons sitting in chairs. There will be a stone tablet on the floor that you can interact with to receive story dialogue from Norticus and the other Dark Aether entities that have teamed up with you and Professor Krafft to stop Kortifex and Von List.

Return to Krafft

After finishing the dialogue in the Apartments, Krafft will ask you to return to him. Return back to Von List's office, and turn around as soon as you reach the top of the first level of the staircase. You'll see a new green portal has spawned, and more dialogue will confirm this portal belongs to another Dark Aether entity being enlisted to help in the fight.

The green portal can't be accessed, and there doesn't seem to be a way to collect the missing pages of the Tomb of Rituals. Spawning the new portal seems to be as far as players can get with the story quest for now. More steps may be unlocked later in the season, but this is likely just meant to be a story teaser for both the main Easter egg quest and the arrival of the new Dark Aether entity that were announced by Treyarch for Season 2.

For now, you can collect additional intel for Vanguard Zombies ongoing storyline by collecting intel found around the map. Here is our complete guide for intel locations in Der Anfang.

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