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  • 02/04/2022

Even Samsung's cheap phones won't come with a charger now - SamMobile

There was a time when Samsung made fun of Apple’s decision to not ship a charger with the iPhone 12. That was in 2020. The Galaxy S21 series arrived just a few months later and it also didn’t come with a charger in the box.

Since then, Samsung’s flagships have shipped without chargers, even the quite expensive foldable smartphones. Like Apple, Samsung said this was about sustainability, but it’s also obviously about the bottom line. It appears that Samsung is now thinking of dropping the chargers from even its affordable devices.

Even Samsung's cheap phones won't come with a charger now - SamMobile

There will be a day when no phone comes with a charger

Word on the street is that mobile retailers in Europe have confirmed that some entry-level Samsung phones won’t ship with a charger in the box. The list includes the Galaxy A13 and Galaxy A23 which were unveiled earlier this week. The Galaxy M23 and Galaxy M33 are also supposed to be out soon but haven’t been officially announced yet.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed this officially but it’s not difficult to accept that this may be true. It already knows that there’s not much fallout to deal with. Customers just accept that they don’t get a charger anymore, albeit begrudgingly, but it’s not a factor they consider when deciding which phone to buy.

So Samsung can just go ahead and drop the charger from all of its phones, which it might end up doing eventually. This will enable the company to increase its margin on these affordable phones that have slim margins, to begin with.

What do you think about this decision? Would not getting a charger with your entry-level Samsung phone make you switch brands?

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