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  • 18/06/2022

I own an Amazon Fire tablet and I’m shocked at the prices I see

Like lots of people, I'm a sucker for tech bargains, and I've always loved Amazon's range of Fire tablets.

But I can't believe how cheap Amazon is making them - sale prices are absolutely insane.

There's a big device sale underway right now at Amazon, and one of the highlights has to be the Fire 7 HD tablet, which has been reduced by 40% to an all-time low of £29.99.

Back in 2014, I was given an 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDX tablet (as the range was then known) as a gift. It set me up immediately with everything I needed from a tablet - namely, e-reading, browsing and streaming.

In 2021, I had to say adios to this 7-year-old tablet after I smashed its screen in what I'll call a regrettable misadventure.

Fortunately, the Black Friday sales were underway and I was able to pick up a Fire HD 8 tablet for the ridiculous sum of £39.99.

It's currently full price at £89.99 - but that's the thing about Fire tablets and Amazon devices in general: they're on sale a LOT of the time.

I'd go so far as to say you should never pay full price for one: if you simply wait for a few weeks, you'll generally find that Amazonslashes prices in a routine device sale.

That's when you see these already affordable devices drop to incredibly low prices.

I can't help wondering: does Amazon even break even on items like the Fire 7 HD tablet when it costs just £29.99?

I own an Amazon Fire tablet and I’m shocked at the prices I see

My theory is this: like a lot of massive businesses, the retailer is happy running at a loss on certain items while its gathers profits in other areas.

Also, the companies that place ads on these tablets' dormant screens must be a tidy source of revenue.

Anyway, whatever you think of Amazon and its ever-growing enterprises, you can't deny it's doing something ground-breaking with its ranges of homegrown tech.

As companies like Apple and Samsung stick to their guns and focus on pioneering devices like the iPad and Galaxy tab that feature cutting-edge processors, groundbreaking displays and prices upward of £1000, Amazon offers a budget-friendly alternative.

These are items you're happy adding to your shopping basket with the extension leads, toilet paper, multi-vitamins and all those other sundries you rely on Amazon for.

I'll be curious to see what happens when Amazon Prime Day comes around in (what will probably be) July - let's see what other items tumble in price.

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