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  • 23/06/2022

Kindle Paperwhite and Signature Edition on sale in Canada

Amazon Canada is running a Daily Deal on the 11th generation Kindle Paperwhite and the Signature Edition, so you have to act fast if you want to get a serious discount. The Paperwhite normally retails for $149.99 and is currently available for $124.99, which is a$25.00 discount. The Signature Edition is the better buy for readers who like to consume not only books, but comics, manga, magazines and the occasional sideloaded PDF file. This model has 32GB of storage, an ambient light sensor and fast charging. The everyday price is $209.99 and is $35 off, so you can pick one up today for $174.99.

Kindle Paperwhite and Signature Edition on sale in Canada

Amazon Fire tablets have also received some savings, if you want a multimedia device to listen to audioooks, podcasts or music, or just chill out and watch a movie. These only make sense if you are heavily invested in the Amazon ecosystem. Comics, magazines, newspapers and other content really excels on a full color screen. Anything you buy from Amazon, will automatically be synced to the Kindle.

The Amazon Fire 7 is a 2019 release and you save 21% off, so the final price is $54.00. The larger Fire 8 HD 32GB is the 2020 edition, this one is 27% off and can be yours for $79.99. Finally, their largest 10 inch tablet is their latest generation and makes sense if you want a larger screen to read on. It is 25% off and the sale price is $149.99.A word of caution on Amazon tablets, they primarily cater towards price conscious users. They do not have the highest PPI screens or the best internals, they are basically for lite consumption. Some of the content that I like to read on the daily are poker books, which is an effective way of improving your poker game. You can also download magazine apps, such as Wired, which look really good on the Fire tablet. If you have a digital subscription,you can just login to your account and read all of the latest issues. If you dig manga, there are all sorts of apps on the Amazon App Store, this might more sense than buying them individually on the Kindle Store.

If you want something with like a huge number of pixels and cutting edge hardware, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8+, they cost significantly more, like over $1000.

Michael Kozlowski( Editor-in-chief )

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