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  • 01/04/2023

Walmart’s iPad Air 5 deal saves you $70 before the tablet even launches

Apple unveiled the iPad Air 5 earlier this week. The new mid-range tablet will feature the same M1 System-on-Chip (SoC) that powers the latest iPad Pro. That turns the iPad Air 5 into a tablet as powerful as Apple’s premier iPad, and it’s a great reason to preorder the tablet on the first day of online orders. If that’s not enough, Walmart is already offering buyers an incredible iPad Air 5 deal that will make preordering one even easier.

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Apple’s iPad Air 5 price structure

Earlier today, I explained that the M1 iPad Air 5 is a nightmare for Google. The company is determined to improve Android tablets and make them more appealing to buyers. That might involve creating a Pixel tablet of its own in the future.

Walmart’s iPad Air 5 deal saves you  before the tablet even launches

But until that happens, buyers will have to make do with what’s available on the market. And there’s no mid-range Android tablet that can compete with the iPad Air 5 thanks to Apple’s big SoC upgrade. I also explained that the iPad Air 5 is a basically stripped-down version of the 11-inch iPad Pro. Thus, the iPad Air 5 price is quite exciting. At $599, you get an iPad Pro experience with a few compromises, and you save $200.

One of those compromises concerns storage. You’ll have to deal with just 64GB of storage for the cheapest iPad Air 5.

The alternative is waiting for better iPad Air 5 price deals for the 256GB model. And that’s where the Walmart offer comes in. But before we look at Walmart’s preorder discount, let’s revisit Apple’s pricing structure for the iPad Air 5:

The Walmart deal

Walmart has a surprising iPad Air 5 preorder deal in place that lets you save money on the Wi-Fi models, as follows:

The 5G iPad Air 5 models do not get similar deals at Walmart, which means you’ll have to keep waiting for a better price if you’re not willing to pay the full fee during preorders.

That said, Walmart’s iPad Air 5 deal does “fix” the iPad Air 5’s storage problem. The 256GB upgrade will cost you just $80 extra rather than the $150 that you have to pay at Apple and in other places where preorders are available.

That’s a sweet deal that you should consider taking advantage of right now. There’s no telling when it’ll return once the initial supply runs out.