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  • 14/05/2022

WhatsApp is widely rolling out multi-device support, letting you link your iPhone and Mac

If you’re a tech enthusiast with an iPhone, you’ve likely tried to join the WhatsApp TestFlight beta program. I know how frustrating it is to constantly refresh the page, desperate for an empty slot. This is especially true now, with WhatsApp testing the multi-device feature on the beta versions on iOS and Android. Well, you can finally use the multi-device feature on your iPhone without having to join the (currently full) TestFlight beta program.

WhatsApp is starting to roll out the multi-device feature on the stable iOS version of the app. I’m currently running the latest version available on the App Store,, and the multi-device prompt has shown up in my Linked Devices section. Once you agree to join, WhatsApp will log you out of your current linked sessions. You will then have to scan the QR code on all of your connected devices again.


When you link a new device, it will take a few seconds to sync your messages. Time will vary based on the size of your message history. Once the syncing ends, you are ready to use your linked device independently, even if your phone is off. Note that you can only link up to four devices at a time, and none of them can be phones, except for the main one. A linked device can be a macOS/Windows computer, a WhatsApp Web session, or a Portal. WhatsApp could be adding iPad and Android tablet support down the road.

WhatsApp is widely rolling out multi-device support, letting you link your iPhone and Mac

When joining the multi-device beta, WhatsApp warns you that some features might not work, such as calling people who are using an old version of WhatsApp from a linked device of yours. We aren’t sure on what scale this feature is being rolled out and whether it is geo-restricted. If it doesn’t show up for you just yet, make sure you have the latest App Store version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s FAQ, as of the time of writing this, still states that having the beta version of WhatsApp is a prerequisite to join the multi-device beta.

We could soon see them updating it or announcing the expansion to the stable releases of the app.


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