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  • 10/08/2022

The 7 Best Desktop Computers Worthy of Your Home Office

The advent of laptops marked the end of desktop computers as we know it, or did it? Laptop computers are of course convenient because they free one to work from anywhere. No longer shackled to an office, productivity ninjas can work from the bedroom, a coffee shop, or even the beach, and laptops are, for most people, comparable in terms of speed and performance to a desktop. But in today’s COVID-era world, where people have spent increasing time at home and off the roads, desktop computers are showing their strength.

The 7 Best Desktop Computers Worthy of Your Home Office

For starters, desktops are spacious. The computer itself can be tucked away discreetly under your desk, reserving more space to spread out your work. There are also ergonomic considerations to think about. If you use a laptop at your desk, you’ll likely be squinting into a small monitor and craning your neck downwards. That’s not great for long stretches of work. And sure, you could get an external monitor and connect it to your laptop, but consider also that for the same price of a 17-inch laptop, you can get a more powerful desktop computer with a larger screen. Portability is great, but desktops are woefully underrated. If you can afford to have both, it’s worth the consideration. Maybe ask your boss for a work-from-home stipend?

Below are a few of the best desktop PCs available on the market today. Whether you care about customization or just want an all-in-one computer that’s simple and ready to go, there’s something here for everyone.

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