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  • 27/05/2022

The 8 best laptop cooling pads to keep your tech running in 2022

In 2022, we rely on tech more than ever, with many of us using not only work laptops in the day, but also tablets and gaming computers into the evening. Making sure they continue to run quickly and efficiently by keeping them cool will help you avoid frustrating breakdowns and slow loading speeds.

But laptop cooling pads can do more than just keep your tech at a safe temperature. They also protect your lap or worksurface from the heat coming off your computer. And, depending on the design of the cooler, it may raise the screen high enough to help you avoid neck strain, back ache and poor posture.

Best laptop cooling pads available online

With its slim and lightweight design, this laptop cooling pad is a great choice for anyone who wants to take it with them on the road. At 38cm by 28cm and just 3cm wide, it should slot easily into most rucksacks and satchels.

The quiet fan system and non-slip exterior also make this model a convenient option for travelling, as you’ll be able to work without disturbing those around you.

Plus, this model comes with two height settings to help you create a comfortable viewing angle, as well as an extra USB port for charging another device.

A slightly heavier-duty option than the model above, this laptop cooling pad works well as part of a permanent desk set-up.

As well as the grippy upper and adjustable legs for adding height, it comes with five separate fans. Four spin at a rate of 1,500 RPM while one has a slightly lower RPM of 1,000. Along with the pad’s mesh construction, the fans should allow for a high level of airflow.

There are also two USB ports and blue LEDs for a smart finish.

The 8 best laptop cooling pads to keep your tech running in 2022

For powerful airflow and adjustable design, you can’t go wrong with this versatile laptop cooling pad available on Amazon. Its four key fans spin at 2,200 RPM, while one has a lower output of 1,200 RPM.

The legs have eight different height settings, so you have a lot of choice when it comes to selecting your preferred viewing angle.

Other great features of this cooler include its handy resting ledge to keep your laptop in place and low fan volume which doesn’t get above 27 decibels. You also get smart LED lights below each fan and two USB ports.

With its sleek, minimal design, you could be forgiven for thinking this laptop cooling pad relies on just its mesh upper to dissipate heat from your tech. But inside the slimline casing, you’ll find two fans to increase airflow under your laptop. Just use the attached USB cable to connect it to power.

Thanks to its smooth base and soft neoprene outer, this cooling pad is a comfortable choice if you like to rest your tech in your lap. There are no adjustable legs to add height, but the slanted design should provide a slightly better viewing angle, whether you’re at your desk or on the sofa.

With a fan RPM of 800, this laptop cooling pad may not be the most powerful model on the market, but it does come with a few handy features.

It has an impressive adjustable stand, which can raise your laptop by up to 19cm, and you get five different height options. You can also attach the accompanying phone holder to make sure you never miss a notification.

The laptop cooler has a strong aluminium construction, and five fans lit with blue LEDs for extra style.

Another slimline option is this smart-looking stand from Kensington. Just a few centimetres thick, it should tuck easily into day bags when you need to travel.

For your money, you’ll get two fans and a retractable leg to raise your laptop off your work surface.

Plus, there are four grippy pads to help secure your laptop and stop it slipping off the stand. The back of the cooler is finished with fabric to make it comfortable to use when it’s in your lap.

If you’re after a permanent desk accessory, try this sleek laptop stand. Finished in matt white, it makes a smart addition to any desk set-up or gaming station.

Thanks to its raised arms, it’s one of the best laptop cooling pads for helping you maintain a healthy posture, as it should keep your screen at eye level. And although it doesn’t have any fans, its thin arms allow for good ventilation under your laptop.

As for construction, this stand is made with aluminium and has grippy silicone pads to keep your laptop secure.

Complete with an angular design and eye-catching red LED lights, this model makes a fun addition to any gaming set-up. Like many of the best laptop cooling pads, it comes with four large fans and one small one to keep your tech at a consistent temperature.

The design also includes adjustable legs with two height settings to raise your laptop slightly. And there are two USB ports, so you’ll have a spare to charge your own devices.

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