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  • 04/07/2022

This Bali hotel now has rooms created specially for hardcore gamers

For gamers going on holiday, the options of indulging in your favorite games while away from home can become extremely limited, unless of course you carry around your gaming rig or console with you – which usually isn't the most practical thing to do considering that they take up extra space in your luggage and can be pretty hefty.

But over in Indonesia, the ARTOTEL Sanur Bali wants to cater exclusively to this crowd by introducing new "Gamer Asylum" concept rooms that come equipped with all the essentials you need for hours of PC gaming.

Known for promoting art and creative hospitality, the ARTOTEL's new gamer rooms are very much like regular hotel rooms, except that they come with a host of features to make gaming something you can do round the clock, including fully-equipped gaming computers with preinstalled games such as Dota 2, Valorant, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and Genshin Impact among others.

The rooms also come with complimentary 24/7 high-speed wireless internet connectivity, daily breakfast for two, gaming chairs, and headsets to complete the experience.

According to ARTOTEL, the concept for these rooms came about after China introduced a nationwide gaming ban, where young individuals have been limited to playing online video games for up to only three hours per week, regardless of what device they play on.

The hotel now targets these gamers by promising them the opportunity to indulge in their favorite activity without restrictions, turning their "right to stay" with a "right to play". Pretty clever, we must admit.

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This Bali hotel now has rooms created specially for hardcore gamers

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Right now, ARTOTEL is offering their "Gamer Asylum" rooms to visitors at a price of IDR4 million (US$278) for a duration of 3 days and 2 nights, while there's also a much longer option of 8 days and 7 nights at IDR7 million (US$487) for those seeking an extended stay.

While the whole concept may all seem a bit strange, ARTOTEL thinks that introducing such an option may actually do well in helping boost Bali's tourism economy, which took a big hit during the pandemic and saw only 45 international tourists visit the island throughout the whole of 2021.

"We are a homegrown creative lifestyle and community at our core, and we are always looking to provide unique experiences for our customers," said founder and CEO of ARTOTELGROUP Erastus Radjimin.

"By providing a different and enjoyable hotel experience specifically for gamers, we are hoping to reach a new customer base and boost business."

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Cover image sourced from ARTOTEL Sanur Bali.