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  • 13/03/2023

www.makeuseof.com The 8 Best Malware Removal Tools to Clean Up Your PC

Is your computer infected with viruses and malware? No matter what malware your PC has, it's frustrating and affects how you use your computer.

Fortunately, there are numerous malware removal programs available that can assist you in eliminating any kind of malware. Such valuable tools can restore not only your experience but also improve your PC's performance.

So, what are the best malware removal tools available? What benefits do they provide, and why are they the best? Let's take a look.

1. Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Total Security is one of the fastest malware removal solutions available. It not only lets you get rid of any malware with one click, but it also protects all of your devices. If you're looking for an all-rounder, your search ends here.

It is a premium software suite that costs $39.99 for new users. But without a doubt, it is worth every penny. However, if you want to give it a try first, you can visit Kaspersky's trial page to download a 30-day trial version.

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If your PC is infected with recently identified malware, you can remove it all at once. It defends against malware and more complex threats, including spy apps, crypto lockers, and XSS exploits. To begin, we recommend performing a full scan of your computer.


Download: Kaspersky Internet Security (Subscription required, free trial available)

2. Malwarebytes

You can use Malwarebytes to remove malware that evades your antivirus or prevents you from updating it. Thankfully, its database is updated daily, so you can count on it to spot and remove new threats.

It comes with a free trial of the premium edition that offers preventative tools like real-time scanning and ransomware prevention. Without a doubt, it is an exceptional malware removal tool that easily removes ransomware, spyware, adware, viruses, and other malware.

We recommend running it every week to check for any hidden threats or if your web browser suddenly starts acting suspiciously (likely a result of adware).

Download: Malwarebytes for Windows | Mac (Subscription required, free trial available)

3. Bitdefender Total Security

Malware can infect your system in a variety of ways. For example, it can spread via USB flash drives or malicious websites. We liked the fact that Bitdefender's Total Security edition can detect malware from any source, even if it comes into your PC through a hardware device.

Moreover, it even monitors all system services for any suspicious behavior. This is why it might be slow on a low-ram PC.

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Above all, if you're seeking a comprehensive suite of security, Bitdefender Total Security may be the answer. It not only removes malware on detection but also protects all your devices from mining malware, internet threats, open vulnerabilities, and ransomware.

Download: Bitdefender Total Security (Subscription required, free trial available)

4. Norton Antivirus Plus

While modern antivirus solutions are incredibly good at blocking infections, malware can still slip through. But, with Norton Antivirus Plus, there's no chance at all.

www.makeuseof.com The 8 Best Malware Removal Tools to Clean Up Your PC

Norton Antivirus Plus is another highly effective antivirus program. It has multiple layers of protection that help safeguard your devices from known and new malware threats.

When you move from free antivirus to a full security suite, you expect more protection, which Norton offers, as multiple independent labs around the world have shown.

Norton Antivirus Plus is available for $19.99 a year. Given its low price, it's a must-have for any geek looking to keep one step ahead.

Download: Norton Antivirus Plus for Windows | Mac (Subscription required, free trial available)

5. AVG Antivirus Free

AVG Antivirus will help you remove any malware from your computer thoroughly for free. If you're searching for anti-malware software that operates quietly and without interfering with your work, AVG Antivirus Free is the one you're looking for.

As a free anti-malware tool, it is pretty good. The interface is intuitive, and you're protected not just from different downloading attacks but also sketchy links. Plus, you can remotely scan your PC, which is rather handy.

Although the Pro version has more security features, like better download protection, data encryption, and a firewall, the free version is good enough for most PC users.

The best thing about this free malware removal software is its ease of use. You don't have to waste time searching for the appropriate option. Even a novice user will enjoy the user interface and the clarity of each option on the dashboard.

Download: AVG Antivirus Free for Windows | Mac (Free)

6. Avast One Essential

Avast One Essential is full-featured antivirus software that secures your computer against viruses, digital attacks, and vulnerabilities. It's extremely impressive that Avast offers a free version with real-time security.

Overall, it's an all-in-one security solution that includes a pretty solid antivirus, a limited VPN, and device cleanup tools to keep you private and protected against the latest cyberattacks.

Unfortunately, Avast One Essential contains a bunch of crap, such as a PC booster and a file shredder, due to the fact that it's a free malware removal tool. That is why you should select the custom option during installation and avoid installing such bloated software.

Download: Avast One Essential for Windows | Mac (Free)

7. Avira Free Security

Avira Free Security is one of the best free malware removal tools on the internet. It is ideal for those who don't own powerful PCs and are looking for a basic yet effective tool.

However, it doesn't include advanced security features like anti-ransomware protection or web browser encryption. Regardless, it provides robust malware protection.

In addition, it includes a software updater and a VPN, which is impressive. A major plus is that you get to choose which features to install during installation. This is a significant advantage, as you may prefer to run one or more features through another suite.

Download: Avira Free Security for Windows | Mac (Free)

8. Norton Power Eraser

Next, we have yet another malware removal program from Norton, but for a good reason. When malware infects your device, it compromises nearly every component of the operating system, including the ability to install or remove the software. In such cases, it's crucial to have a tool that can remove malware without installing the software.

This is why Norton Power Eraser is so valuable. Unlike Norton Antivirus, it's a portable free malware removal tool that allows you to scan for and eliminate malware without installing it.

To get started with this malware removal tool, you'll have to run a full system scan first. It has a straightforward user interface and some basic malware removal options. There is also an option to scan for rootkits, which you can turn on from the settings.

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However, one disadvantage of the Norton Power Eraser tool is that it is only compatible with Windows. So, Mac and Linux users will have to look elsewhere for alternatives.

Download: Norton Power Eraser (Free)

Malware Removal Made Easy

While Windows has improved in terms of security and protection, the platform remains a top target for hackers. Due to its broad feature set, Kaspersky is the one-click option for most.

However, the other robust programs will thoroughly remove malware and clean up your system. Depending on the infection, you may need to download two tools from our list and run them sequentially to ensure no malware gets through.

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