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  • 07/11/2022

www.makeuseof.com The 8 Best VPN Add-Ons for Microsoft Edge

Using a VPN to browse the internet is perhaps the best way to secure your online activity. However, if you don’t want to install another app on your computer, you can use VPN add-ons for browsers, like Microsoft Edge.

But there are a plethora of VPNs in the market, and you can’t trust all of them. Therefore, we list the eight best VPN add-ons for Microsoft Edge.

1. Windscribe

Windscribe is one of the most reliable and secure VPN services with over 100 locations. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it offers a generous free plan.

Windsribe has an extension for most browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Getting started with the Windscribe VPN extension is as easy as ABC.

Install the add-on, click on the icon, and select Get Started. It will connect you to a random server (though you can change the location), giving 2 GB of monthly data. But if you sign up and confirm your email address, you can increase the limit to 10 GB.

The free plan allows you to choose from around a dozen different countries, including the U.S. and several European states.

Besides providing military-grade encryption, the Windscribe add-on block ads, trackers, malware, and cookies. You can stop website notifications and spoof your timezone, location, and language.


Windscribe’s monthly plan costs $9 per month, while the yearly plan is $49. Best of all, it offers unlimited simultaneous connections.

Download: Windscribe for Microsoft Edge (Free, Paid)

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is probably the most popular and recommended VPN service, along with ExpressVPN. Our tests show that it's also one of the fastest VPNs.

Other than apps for operating systems, NordVPN has add-ons for browsers, including Edge. It has servers in 60 countries and a strict no-log policy.

You can use NordVPN on six devices simultaneously. NordVPN offers advanced security and privacy features like ad and tracker blocker, kill switch, onion over VPN, and double VPN.

The monthly subscription of NordVPN costs $12 per month. If you decide to go for the yearly plan, it'll cost $5 per month. Hesitant to sign-up for 12 months? Rest assured, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Download: NordVPN for Microsoft Edge (Paid)

3. ZenMate

ZenMate is a popular VPN with servers in more than 80 countries. It comes with military-grade encryption and a kill switch. According to the company, it does not record any log.

Getting started with the extension is easy, as you can do so without signing up. Moreover, enabling trackers and malware blockers and changing your country is quite simple. ZenMate has both free and paid plans.

The free account supports four countries and limits the speed to 2 Mbps. The paid plans have dedicated servers for streaming services, like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. It costs $1.64 or $1.99 per month, depending on the plan.

If you don't need advanced security features and just want to a VPN to watch Netflix, ZenMate can be a good choice.

Download: ZenMate for Microsoft Edge (Free, Paid)

www.makeuseof.com The 8 Best VPN Add-Ons for Microsoft Edge

4. Surfshark

Much like NordVPN, Surfshark is frequently featured in the list of best VPNs, and for good reason. What makes Surfshark a superb choice is that it offers unlimited connections, a kill switch, and support for torrenting and streaming.

Since it has servers in over 65 countries, you have plenty of choices. Surfshark refrains from keeping any logs and provides top-notch security- a claim verified by an independent company. Moreover, it can block ads and trackers.

Surfshark costs $13 per month, but if you opt for yearly payment you can get it for $4 per month. Overall, Surfshark is an easy-to-use VPN with tons of features.

Download: Surfshark for Microsoft Edge (Paid)

5. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield offers connections in over 115 countries with fast speeds. Thanks to military-grade encryption and a no-log policy, you can rest assured that your activity is private and secure.

Its intuitive add-on lets you connect to Hotspot Shield VPN even without signing up. But a free plan only offers a US connection.

Clicking the add-on icon gives you a ton of information. This includes current speed, session duration, consumed data, and threats blocked.

If you hate seeing ads and being tracked (by the way, who doesn't?), you can turn on the ads, tracker, and cookie blockers.

The Premium Personal plan costs around $13 per month and supports five devices. It does have a free plan. But, it limits you to one location, 500 MB per day, and 2 Mbps speed.

Download: Hotspot Shield for Microsoft Edge (Free, Paid)

6. hide.me

hide.me is a good VPN add-on for privacy-conscious folks, thanks to its no-log policy and 256-bit encryption. It also protects your IP address by offering WebRTC protection.

hide.me add-on lets you connect to three countries: Germany, Netherlands, and Canada. The free plan is quite generous as it allows 10 GB of monthly data.

If you decide to upgrade to a Premium plan, you’ll get unlimited data, support for ten devices, and up to 2000 servers to choose from. The Premium version, which supports streaming, costs nearly $10 per month.

Download: hide.me for Microsoft Edge (Free, Paid)

7. GreenHub

GreenHub is not really a VPN, but a SOCKS proxy. However, if your purpose is to bypass geographical restrictions, it works just as well.

GreenHub has desktop applications for Windows, Linux, and macOS, along with an extension for Microsoft Edge. Currently, it has servers in the USA, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore.

Once you’ve installed the add-on, click on the icon and choose Quick Connect. GreenHub then asks you to choose a country and server to connect to. Although GreenHub is completely free to use, its limits the usage to one hour per day.

Download: GreenHub Free VPN for Microsoft Edge (Free)

8. Betternet

Betternet makes surfing the internet more secure and private. It has a pretty solid free plan, along with a paid one.

Connecting to Betternet VPN using its add-on is quite straightforward. You can connect by toggling on/off the button and can change location easily. It has a Safe Shopping mode to protect you from phishing sites.

Using Betternet, you can hide your activity and save your device from malware. It doesn’t keep logs. The free plan offers only one location (USA).

The Premium plan costs $13 per month, but going for a yearly plan would save you $60. It’s a simple extension for those who don't want foolproof security but just need to encrypt their connections.

Download: Betternet for Microsoft Edge (Free, Paid)

Browse Securely With VPN Add-Ons

Whether you want to protect yourself from snoopers or bypass geo-restrictions. VPNs can come in handy. And thankfully, these VPN add-ons for Microsoft Edge are quite simple to set up and use, even for non-techies.

You can use these VPNs add-ons to protect your browsing activity. But it’s a good idea to install VPN client apps if you want better security for all your internet traffic, not just browsing.

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