• notebookcomputer
  • 24/10/2022

Nokia T20 gets a little Android Build update

The week has been busy for me, but also for Nokia Mobile, which has to update a large list of Nokia smartphones. Nokia T20, the first tablet with the Nokia logo in a while, has just got a new Android Build update.

Nokia T20 gets a little Android Build update

The update is not that big, just 23.61 MB. However, it fixes a bug in the UI and stability that I haven’t noticed before and it includes the February patch. It would be super kind if Nokia Mobile could actually let us know what has been fixed. Just a few words that emphasize the main fixes.

The Nokia T20 is performing rather well in its daily tasks and I must say I am quite satisfied with it. Although I expected the Unisoc chipset to be the main disadvantage of the tablet, UI is decently quick. All the apps installed on a tablet used primarily for office tasks are working as expected. I can also do occasional Brawl Stars on it, and the battery lasts for days.

by the way, the headline photo was taken with Night Mode from a Nokia XR20 camera app, and it doesn’t look the best. But check out this one taken just a few hours later in a pub. This is way better. Moritz is great also!

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