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  • 02/07/2022

www.androidpolice.com Chrome finally works with Android 12's scrolling screenshot tool

Better late than never

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It's hard to overstate how many changes Android 12 brought to the table when it started rolling out to devices in October. From an all-new design built around dynamic theming to a massive focus on security, it's one of the most significant updates to Google's smartphone platform we've seen in years. Although scrolling screenshots finally made their way to Pixel devices with this software, Chrome had yet to add official support. Thankfully, it's finally fixed.

www.androidpolice.com Chrome finally works with Android 12's scrolling screenshot tool

As one of the most popular apps on Android today — not to mention one of the places where scrolling captures will prove most useful — Chrome's lack of support for scrolling screenshots was all too noticeable at launch. When Google released its third beta this summer, Chrome was still missing this functionality, and as we learned in August, the dev team had some extra work to do before it was ready for prime time. It took longer than most users probably expected, but Android's default browser now supports scrolling screenshots on its latest version (via 9to5Google).


The issue here came down to how Google built this feature into this year's update. Rather than taking a bunch of screenshots and stitching them together in the background, scrolling screenshots used each app's View to capture content both on and off-screen. Unfortunately, this conflicted with Chrome and other browsers, with WebView apps not working with the tool properly.

It seems like this feature is now live for everyone, just a few weeks after Google released Chrome 96 to users. As always, just use the standard screenshot shortcut to create a copy of the screen, then hit "Capture more" at the bottom of your display. You can adjust the included zone on the next page and save it when you're finished editing.

Google has been hard at work perfecting Android 12 since it was released to Pixel devices back in October. Just yesterday, it released a December update for its phones that included more than 100 bug fixes, though Pixel 6 and 6 Pro users will have to wait a couple of weeks for it to come to their devices.

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