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  • 03/08/2022

This Is What Android 12L Could Look Like On A PC

Android News / This Is What Android 12L Could Look Like On A PC

By Arthur BrownMarch 14, 2022Advertisement

We know that Android 12L is a version of Android that’s formatted for foldables and tablets, but did anyone think about PCs? One person did, and, according to Android Police, he was able to put the mobile operating system on a PC. Looking at what he’s done, it doesn’t look half bad.

This should come as no surprise, as people load different operating systems and games on different devices all the time. Not too long ago, a user put Wordle on an original Game Boy. It goes further than that, as people can run versions of Windows and Linux off of game consoles like the PS3 and the Nintendo Switch.

Someone got Android 12L to run on a PC

An engineer by the name of Gustave Monce was able to put Windows 11 on an Android device, so it seems fitting that someone does the opposite. The founder of Bliss OS Jon West was able to design a version of Android 12L to run on PCs. This takes Android 12L’s concept to the next level, and it does a good job at it.


This Is What Android 12L Could Look Like On A PC

Looking at the screenshots that West posted, we see one of Google’s wallpapers stretched over a large canvas. The first screenshot shows what the lock screen will look like. The notifications are pushed to the right side of the screen with the left side reserved for the clock widget. The second screenshot shows what the notification shade will look like when dragged down.

The subsequent screenshots show what the home screen will look like when using it and running apps. Just like in Android 12L for mobile devices, the Google search bar is stretched across the screen, the notification icons are displayed up top, and the docked apps are on the bottom. Also on the bottom of the screen are the navigation buttons.

Some elements don’t look like Android 12L

In order to format this for a larger screen, some core changes had to be made. This resulted in some UI elements looking closer to Chrome OS rather than Android. For starters, some screenshots show opened apps. Those apps are in windows that resemble Chrome OS windows.


Also, one screenshot shows the app drawer. It sprouts up from a Chrome OS taskbar with the same color. That screenshot has the navigation buttons on the left side of the screen. So, it’s hard to tell just what version he’s going to stick with.

Since this isn’t an official release, don’t expect to port this onto your computer any time soon. However, if you want to follow West’s progress, you can check out his tweets.

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