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  • 23/05/2022

Why It’s Important To Clean Your Gaming PC Regularly

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If you’re an avid PC gamer, then your PC may be switched on a lot of the time. When you’re gaming, you’re using your PC, and if you’re serious about gaming, then it could be one of your main hobbies. However, your gaming PC is just as susceptible to dirt, grime, and dust as any other gaming machine, and if you let those substances build up, then there can be serious consequences for your PC. Here’s why it’s important to regularly clean and maintain your gaming PC.

Gaming hardware attracts dirt

When you unpack your shiny new gaming PC – or finally switch it on after you’ve spent a long time building it – the feeling is unsurpassed. This immaculate, gleaming new machine is about to become your primary gaming driver, and that’s exciting. However, eventually, you’re going to need to clean it, and if you don’t, that’s when the dirt and dust will begin to build up. We’re all capable of forgetting to clean it, but the fact is that gaming hardware attracts dirt easily and quickly.

PCs have extra peripherals

PC gamers don’t just have their controller and their console to worry about. As a PC gamer, you’ve also got a keyboard and a mouse to think about, as well as your monitor (or monitors) and your speakers. Cleaning these peripherals is of paramount importance, because a PC’s keyboard apparently collects around five times as much bacteria and dirt as a toilet seat.

As this excellent infographic showcases, it’s not just the keyboard either. The mouse is a shocking collector of dirt and grime, and even the PC’s power button is a receptacle for icky bacteria. This is why it’s so important to clean your machine. Why not clean it up and check out the Betway Casino?

Dirt and dust can hit functionality hard

When dirt and dust begin to build up in your PC, it’s not just the aesthetic that’s going to be affected. While surface-level dust is unsightly and can choke up things like fans and exhaust ports, it’s when dust starts to settle in the cracks between smaller components such as motherboard pins that things get problematic. At that point, dust is too small for you to meaningfully remove it without more specialist equipment than a cloth, but it’s also going to start impacting the functionality of your PC. Don’t let it get to that point.

Why It’s Important To Clean Your Gaming PC Regularly

Your PC could actually make you sick

If your PC retains bacterial residue – or, say, someone has sneezed onto your keyboard or your mouse – then it’s actually possible for you to pick up those germs and become ill simply by touching those peripherals. That’s another reason it’s crucial for you to maintain your PC regularly. The worst offenders are usually the smaller spaces between your mouse buttons or between your keys, and those are spots you might not think to clean regularly. Make sure that you’re not simply surface-dusting your PC and its peripherals.

How to clean your PC

So you’ve heard all of the arguments as to why cleaning your PC regularly is important, and now you want to know how to clean it. Be aware that you obviously can’t simply take a damp cloth to your PC while it’s running; there are of course delicate components inside your machine that should never get wet, and microfiber cloths can generate static that can damage the components of the PC. Here’s how to clean your machine.

Unplug the PC and disconnect everything

Before beginning, it’s crucial to make sure that your PC is off and that no peripherals, power cables, or monitors are connected. You’re going to be opening up the PC and cleaning inside it, so nothing should be attached. Ground yourself.

Open up the PC using a screwdriver

Most PC cases have a window on the side held in place by screws. Unscrew them with your screwdriver and remove the window so that you can get into the PC itself. If your PC has a different method of examining components, it’s worth getting in touch with the manufacturers to discuss how to do that.

Grab a can of compressed air and blow out debris

Using a can of compressed air – which you should purchase before you begin this procedure – start blowing debris out of the PC. You should also make sure your face is protected from dust, because it can easily get into your nose and mouth during this procedure. Some advise to clean your PC outside for this reason.

Make sure you aim in the hard-to-reach areas of the PC, such as underneath the graphics card, in between fan blades, and around the hard drive and power supply. Dust can build up in surprising and unexpected places!

Wipe down surfaces

Using lint-free cloth or a soft surface that doesn’t generate static, carefully wipe down surfaces inside the PC. These include the surface of your graphics card, your motherboard, your RAM, and the inside of the actual case itself. Don’t use a microfiber cloth, because doing so could cause damage from static and permanently harm or even disable some of the components. Remember to take care and seek other advice first if you’re not sure.

Perform this service around once every couple of months

You don’t need to clean your PC super regularly. However, opening it up and making sure you perform a thorough clean every few months is advisable. There is no golden rule when it comes to how frequently you should clean your PC; it depends on the environment in which the PC is situated, as well as how often you use it. However, try to make sure it doesn’t get too dusty by scheduling regular cleaning sessions.

Promoted article (contains affiliate links)