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www.makeuseof.com How to Configure Windows 11’s Desktop Wallpaper to Change at Specific Times

Windows 11 includes a desktop wallpaper slideshow feature that changes the background at specified intervals. That feature enables the desktop to have multiple wallpapers. However, Windows 11 doesn’t include any options that enable you to set the desktop wallpaper to change to a different one at a specific time.

Nevertheless, you can still configure Windows 11’s desktop wallpaper to change according to the time of day with the addition of WinDynamicDesktop and Wallpaper Changer Scheduler. This is how you can schedule Windows 11’s wallpaper to change with those two software packages.

How to Add Dynamic Wallpaper to Windows 11 With WinDynamicDesktop

macOS Mojave incorporates a dynamic wallpaper feature that enables users to select wallpapers that change according to their PCs' system time. For example, a Mojave dynamic wallpaper will change from a daytime image to a nighttime one when the evening sets in. A dynamic wallpaper’s lighting conditions gradually change to reflect the time of day.

You can add a similar dynamic wallpaper feature to Windows 11 with the freeware WinDynamicDesktop. That software enables you to configure dynamic wallpaper selections to change at specified sunrise and sunset times. It includes 14 dynamic backgrounds for users to choose from, including the desert one from Mojave. You can add a Mojave-style dynamic wallpaper to Windows 11 as follows.


That’s it, now you can wait to see how Windows 11’s new dynamic wallpaper changes with the time of day. If it’s daytime, return to your PC a few hours after 6 p.m. to see the dark variant of the wallpaper. Make sure WinDynamicDesktop is configured to start with Windows 11 by right-clicking its system tray icon and selecting Start on Boot.

You can change the dynamic wallpaper or its sunset/sunrise times anytime. To do so, select the Configure Schedule or Select Theme options on the WinDynamicDesktop context menu. Then adjust the settings from those windows as required.

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www.makeuseof.com How to Configure Windows 11’s Desktop Wallpaper to Change at Specific Times

You can also get more dynamic wallpapers. To do so, click the Get more themes online link within WinDynamicDesktop’s Select Theme window. Then click the Browse all 114 free themes button on the webpage that opens. Choose a dynamic wallpaper there, and click the Download button for it.

You can add that wallpaper to WinDynamicDesktop by clicking Import from file on the Select Theme window. Select the wallpaper’s file in the folder you downloaded it to, and press the Open button. Then you can select the new dynamic wallpaper in WinDyanmicDesktop.

Note that some dynamic wallpapers download as ZIP archives. To add those, you’ll need to extract their ZIP files in File Explorer first. Select a dynamic wallpaper from its extracted folder to add it.

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How to Schedule Desktop Wallpaper to Change With Wallpaper Changer Scheduler

Do you just want your desktop wallpaper to change to another selection at a specified time? If so, check out Wallpaper Change Scheduler for Windows 11. That freeware software enables you to set a time for the wallpaper to change to a different one. It doesn’t include any dynamic wallpapers, but you can use it to schedule automatic desktop background changes in Windows 11. This is how you can schedule wallpaper to change with that software.

Wallpaper Change Scheduler’s window will now include the scheduled event. The wallpaper will change to the background you selected at the time entered for the scheduled event. You can schedule the wallpaper to change at more times much the same.

Click the window’s X (Close) button to exit. The software will still be running in the background after closing the window. You can click the Wallpaper Changer system tray icon anytime to bring up the window to check and edit scheduled events as required. To fully close Wallpaper Change Scheduler, you’ll need to click Options in its window and select Close Program Completely.

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Customize Windows 11’s Desktop Background in New Ways

Both WinDynamicDesktop and Wallpaper Change Scheduler enable you to configure the desktop background to change according to time. With WinDynamicDesktop, you can add a dynamic wallpaper theme that gradually changes according to your location’s sunset and sunrise times. Wallpaper Change Scheduler enables you to configure the desktop to display alternative wallpapers at preset times. You can customize the desktop with both software packages in ways you can’t with Windows 11’s default background settings.

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